Lex Cornelia de Arminia de fovenda lingua Latina corrigenda (Nova Roma)

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This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by Comitia centuriata
Yes: 27 No: 6 Abs.: 1
a.d. III Kal. Sex. L. Sulla (III) cos. sine collega MMDCCLXVI a.u.c.

Strike out and repeal section III of the Lex Arminia de Fovenda Lingua Latina

Note by Praetor C. Aemilius Crassus: With the approval of the present lex the Arminia de fovenda lingua latina reads as follows:

This law is intended to encourage classical studies and increase the usage of Latin among the citizens of Nova Roma, recognizing that the fostering of the Latin language is one of the most important and strategic concerns of Nova Roman government.

1. A citizen sufficiently skilled in the Latin language that he or she can correct existing texts in Latin [i.e., proofread them] and translate accurately from his or her native language into Latin who has also served the Res Publica in this capacity may petition the Senate for the honorary title of "Latinist."

2. The application of the citizen shall be sent to the Senate through the consules. The Senate will vote on the proposal and a simple majority shall be sufficient to approve the title.

3. The title of Latinist must be reviewed annually by the Senate, and will be valid from the time of approval until the end of the year. The tax release, however, will be valid only for the following year, even though it is renewed.

4. A Senatus consultum may specify other rules for the application of a Latinist.

5. The title of Latinist shall be considered a title granted by the Senate to citizens for their services to the Res Publica in the promotion of Latin studies.

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