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  • READ THIS FIRST: An Invitation to Join Us...
  1. Read our FAQ and "Choosing a Roman name".
  2. Join our email discussion list for newcomers : "Trans Tiberim".
  3. Apply for citizenship

If you haven't yet read over the Nova Roma site, we suggest you do so before becoming a citizen. Note particularly our Declaration, Frequently Asked Questions and Constitution.

Choosing a Roman name is something we ask all our prospective citizens to do.

As of January 1, 2005 per the Lex Equitia de tirocinio civium novorum all new citizens of Nova Roma shall be subject to a probationary period of at least 90 days, during which they will not be allowed the iura publica, the right to vote and to stand for any public office.

The probationary period will end when 90 days have passed and the new citizen has taken and passed a simple examination covering elementary matters of Nova Roman citizenship and basic Roman history, religion, language, and social practices.

The application has two parts. On the first page, we ask you for information about yourself. On the second (last) page, you will choose a Roman name which will complete the process.

After your citizenship is approved, you can start with your first steps as a new citizen!

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