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This is the joint page of the Aedilium curulium Publius Memmius Albucius and Sextus Lucilius Tutor (resigned on a.d. VI Id. Mai. ) for MMDCCLXI auc (2008 cc).

AC-2logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Aediles Curules

P. Memmius Albucius
Album Civium



This year 2761 auc is a special year : Rome has been re-founded ten years ago through our organization, Nova Roma.

In order to celebrate this special event, we are glad to present, below, a special program.

You will naturally find in it, underlined, our traditional games, which are celebrated every year by the aediles curules: the Megalenses (April) and the Romani (September).

But you will also find several exceptional games, that we have grouped in the global name of "Ludi Decennales", or "Games of the tenth birthday". Besides both traditional games, the Decennalia will be celebrated all along the year and in relation with traditional Roman (religious) festivals, from February Lupercales to December Opalia.

The other curule aedilician fields of intervention

1/ General aediles competencies

2/ Specific curule competencies

Cohors aedilicia

Aed. P. Memmius (abbreviation below PMA) has agreed with the wish expressed by Aed. Sex. Lucilius (abbr. below SLT) to join both aedilician teams in one cohors. The composition of the Cohors aedilicia (aediles's team) is the following:

Dedicatio Concordiae Populi Novi Romani





The edicta are general or individual rules of law that, inside Nova Roma republic as in the ancient one, that the aediles, as nearly every magistrate, are allowed issue. These rules provide enforcement, apply, and complete the general rules issued by the Constitution of Nova Roma, by laws, made by the People or the Plebs in their comitia (assemblies), or by senatus consulta, decrees issued by the Senate of Nova Roma.

These edicta cannot be issued outside the fields of competency defined by the Constitution, in its paragraph IV, A, 4, and reminded above.

The current aedilician edicta are classed by number ("nb" in 2nd column, left). Except an extraordinary case, the higher is the number, the later is the issuing day. The head abbreviation designates the aedilis who has issued it ("SLT" for Sex. Lucilius Tutor and "PMA" for P. Memmius Albucius). The "Forum ref msg" is the number of the original message posted in the Forum Romanum (Yahoo! "Main List"). In the first column you may check the status of the edictum : in force ("Val.") or lapsed. A lapsed edict has either be withdrawn by the issuer or her/his successor, either been replaced by another one, or, at last, vetoed ("VETO") by a higher magistrate (for ex. a consul : "COS") or by a tribune of the plebs ("TB"). The cause is precised in every case.

Status Nb Aed.(s) Forum ref msg Edict concerning the: Edictum de :
Val. 61-01 PMA 54508 Equites and the Macellum Equitibus macelloque
Val. 61-02 PMA 54595 European conventus 2761 to 2763 auc (2008 to 2010) Conventu europaeo mmdcclxi ad mmdcclxiii auc
Val. 61-03 PMA 54670 Law applicable in the macellum and the resolution of disputes Lege macellaria et transactione controversiarum
VETO COS. 61-04 PMA 54688 Products officially sponsored by Nova Roma Nova Roma sustentis publice venaliis
Val. 61-05 SLT-PMA 54758 Organization of the aedilician team for 2761 a.u.c. Ordine cohortis aedilicianae pro mmdcclxi auc
Val. 61-06 SLT-PMA 54816 Modif. of the organization of the aed. coh. : O. Fabius Montanus, new scribe, assigned on coordination Conventus 2761-Ludi aed. cur. De mutatione ordinis cohortis aedilicianae pro mmdcclxi auc
Val. 61-07 SLT-PMA 54816 Management of the aedilician fund Edictum de regimine aerarii aedilicii
Val. 61-08 PMA 56184 Organization of Magna Mater Project Edictum de ordine Magnae Matris Institutum
Val. 61-09 PMA 56223 Creation of an Internet Videogames Team Edictum de creatione gregis de interretialibus videoludis

Oaths of office

Aed. cur. P. Memmius Albucius

Aed. cur. Sex. Lucilius Tutor

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