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{{PortalBox | title=''NOTA BENE!'' | content=
{{PortalBox | title=''NOTA BENE!'' | content=
Soon the first Ludi of the year {{2007}}!
Coming soon: [[Ludi Ceriales (Nova Roma)|Ludi Ceriales 12th - 19th April]]!

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Nova Roma Aediles Portal
Welcome to the portal page for all Aedile activities in Nova Roma. Here you can find information about the Ludi of this year. Learn more about aediles...
Aediles in Nova Roma

There are in total four aediles, two Curule Aediles and two Plebeian Aediles.

The domain of authority of the aediles includes:

All aediles:

  • Ludi (Our virtual games).

Curule Aediles:

Past Cohortes Aedilicium in Nova Roma
Selected links (Aediles in Roma Antiqua)

Selected photo
Circus Maximus.jpg

Virtual reconstruction of Circus Maximus.
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