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People from across the world have for decades come together to reenact historical military and civilian life at various periods in time. A large number of these are dedicated to the Roman era. The level of historical detail required varies from Legion to Legion, and some engage in mock combat while others display their prowess at period drill and camp life. As part of our efforts to bring ancient Rome back to life, Nova Roma is beginning to sponsor the activities of various Legions across the world.

Nova Roma has a Sodalitas Militarium which is devoted to the study of making war, as well as cataloging, modeling and re-enacting the great Military Forces that were Rome's.

Gallio VelliusNova Roma is pleased to sponsor various legions around the world. The following terms apply to such sponsorship:

Units wishing to be sponsored by Nova Roma, or that have more questions regarding the program, are encouraged to email the Consuls.

Sponsored Legions

Legio VI The Re-created Sixth Legion is sponsored by Nova Roma. It is based out of the Albany NY area and is commanded by Praefectus legionis Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus, citizen of Nova Roma. Their site is http://www.geocities.com/Legio_vi
The sponsorship of Legio VI was approved by senatus consultum issued by the senate of Nova Roma:

Legio XXIV Medius Atlantia is based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. It is a 1st-Century Imperial era reenactment unit, and is commanded by Gallio Velius Marsallas, a Citizen and Tribune Militaris of Nova Roma. The Legio is currently seeking members. They were in attendance at Roman Days in Maryland, as well as several other events in the last few months. They will be attending the Fort Malden Military TimeLine event in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada on August 5th-6th, 2000.; Check out their Website at http://www.legionxxiv.org It is loaded with links to other Roman Legions, Suppliers and contacts, along with many Historical Roman Organizations and data. The "Links" pages, "Roman Names" page, "Glossary" and "TimeLines" are quite comprehensive, along with a "Photo Gallery thru Time." Take a look.

Legio V Alaudae (The Larks), based at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, is a reenactment unit from the time of Caesar through the 1st Century AD. Its commander is Centurio Primus Pilus Gaius Atilius Lepidus, a Citizen of Nova Roma. The legion was founded in September of 1999. Sponsorship of Legio V Alaudae was granted by the Senate of Nova Roma on 5 December 2000 by Senatus Consultum. Legio V's website is http://community.webtv.net/paulfitsik/LegioVAlaudae.

Equipment, Clothing, and Accessories

Much of the following information is taken from the official Handbook of Legio XX, and is used with their kind permission. It represents the standards and requirements of a unit whose standards are most definitely on the "authenticity" end of the scale. There are some units whose requirements for authenticity are not nearly as strict as these, but these should be seen as very useful guidelines for anyone interested in historical Roman reenactments.

General Guidelines

Balteus (military belt)

Caligae (sandals)

Civilian Clothing:





Cold-Weather Clothing

Fibulae (brooches)

Gladius (sword)


Lorica Hamata (mail armor)

Lorica Segmentata (segmented armor)

Mess Gear, etc.


Pilum (javelin)

Pugio (dagger)

Scutum (shield)

Subarmalis (under-armor padding)




Roman tent

Legio XX at Roman Days 1998


Historical Reenactment Units
(links verified 8/12/00)

ROME: Romans in Medieval Combat: SCA

Legio I (Nevada)

Legio II Augusta (Portland, OR)

Legio II Augusta (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)

Legio III Gallica (New Orleans, LA)

Legio VIII Augusta (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) In German

Legio VI Novae Romae (Albany NY)

Legio VI Victrix (Texas)

Legio VIII Augusta MGV (United Kingdom)

Legio VIIII HSPA (Sydney/Blue Mountains, Australia)

Legio X Gemina / Gemina Project (Leiden, Netherlands)

Legio X Fretensis (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Legio XIV Gemina Martia Victrix (Canton, OH)

Legio XV Apollinaris (Norway)

Legio XX (College Park, MD) Legio XX Hoplite

Legio XXIV Media Atlantia (Eastern PA & NJ, DE)

VII Praetorian Cohort (Perth, Australia)

Ermine Street Guard (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)

Quinta / Cohors Quinta Gallorum (Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom)

Red Shanks (United Kingdom)

Internet Newsgroups




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