Senatvs Consvlta


Disposition of Taxes to Provincia

I. Those individuals charged with the collection of taxes shall maintain a record of what amounts were raised in each provincia, and such records will be provided to the Senate no later than the Idus of April.

II. One half of all taxes raised within a particular provincia shall be designated to be spent within the boundaries of that provincia.

  1. Such funds shall be kept in the central treasury, as managed by the Consular Quaestors, and shall be disbursed by the Quaestors to local authorities as authorized in the annual budget.
  2. The annual budget, as prepared, shall reflect such designated funds, whether or not they are actually budgeted to be spent within the year.
  3. Funds designated to be spent within a provincia which are not spent within the fiscal year, shall roll over to the next year, and such information shall be reflected in the annual budget.
  4. The Senate may, in times of emergency, use funds designated for use within a given provincia. Such funds shall be replaced within three calendar years by funds from the central treasury.

III. This Senatus Consultum shall apply only to annual taxes, and shall not be deemed to apply to other funds which may be collected during the course of a year, including but not limited to voluntary donations and other fees which may be imposed.

Passed, Yes-10; No-3; Abstain-0


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