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T Labienus Fortunatus Consul Quiritibus SPD

Pursuant to the senatusconsultum passed in November of last year, I hereby establish the tax rates for MMDCCLVI according to the table at the end of this edictum.

I also request each provincial governor to copy this announcement to their provincial lists, and each of Nova Roma's official Interpretes to translate this message into the language(s) for which they are responsible.

Cives remitting their taxes in US dollars may send a check, money order, or equivalent form of payment made out to Nova Roma directly to:

Nova Roma
PO Box 1897
Wells, ME 04090

Other cives will need to purchase an international money order in US dollars for the full amount of their taxes and send it to the address above. Note that individual checks in local currencies sent directly to the Nova Roma address will likely cost more to cash than they are worth.

Hopefully, some provincial governors will choose to arrange a central point in their provinciae to which cives may remit their taxes so that the provincia will only need to make a single payment to the central treasury. Cives are encouraged to contact their provincial governor, if any, to find out whether their province will be doing this.

Cives in Europe whose provincial governor has chosen not to act as a collection point may contact my quaestor, Cn Octavius Noricus (cn.octavius.noricus@gmx.at ) in order to arrange payment if they wish.

All cives capable of doing so may pay their taxes through the PayPal service. There is a link on the Nova Roma Web site's main page for this. It is the purple image alternately displaying "DONO DARE" and "give to Nova Roma via PayPal" located beneath the main menu.

All cives should be sure to include the full Roman name of all cives they are paying for with their remittance! PayPal provides a comments field when you use it, and you can provide the name(s) there. This will ensure that each civis who pays taxes will be properly enrolled in the Assidui.

Questions may be adressed to myself (labienus@texas.net ) or my quaestor, Cn Octavius (cn.octavius.noricus@gmx.at ). If you post your question to the main list, please Cc my address to ensure that I see the message.

The tax deadline is the last day of Aprilis. Taxes may be remitted after that date, with a penalty of an extra 50%. Exempli gratia, a civis who owes $12 would need to pay $18 after the deadline.

In the following table, countries within existing provinciae are listed first in order of provincia, followed by countries without provinciae in alphabetical order.

Tax Amount

Country Provincia Local Currency In USD
United States America Austrocc 12.00 USD $12.00
United States America Austror 12.00 USD $12.00
United States America Boreocc 12.00 USD $12.00
United States. America Mediocc. Sup. 12.00 USD $12.00
Argentina Argentina 12.00 ARS $3.81
Israel Asia Occidentalis 35.00 ILS $7.28
Turkey Asia Occidentalis 3700000.00 TRL $2.31
Japan Asia Orientalis 1100.00 JPY $9.31
Korea Asia Orientalis 7060.00 KRW $5.95
Malaysia Asia Orientalis 11.00 MYR $2.90
Philippines Asia Orientalis 72.00 PHP $1.32
Singapore Asia Orientalis 14.00 SGD $8.05
Australia Australia 14.00 AUD $8.48
Czech Republic Bohemia 140.00 CZK $4.75
Brazil Brasilia 9.00 BRL $2.51
United Kingdom Britannia 5.00 GBP $7.87
United States California 12.00 USD $12.00
Canada Canada Occidentalis 14.00 CAD $9.44
Canada Canada Orientalis 14.00 CAD $9.44
Belgium Gallia 8.00 EUR $8.62
France Gallia 8.00 EUR $8.62
Netherlands Gallia 8.00 EUR $8.62
Austria Germania 8.50 EUR $9.16
Germany Germania 8.50 EUR $9.16
Switzerland Germania 12.50 EUR $9.22
Spain Hispania 6.00 EUR $6.46
Italy Italia 7.50 EUR $8.08
United States Lacus Magni 12.00 USD $12.00
Portugal Lusitania 5.50 EUR $5.93
United States Mediatlantica 12.00 USD $12.00
Mexico Mexico 35.00 MXN $3.17
United States Nova Britannia 12.00 USD $12.00
Hungary Pannonia 920.00 HUF $4.08
Slovakia Pannonia 150.00 SKK $3.87
Russia Sarmatia 90.00 RUR $2.85
Ukraine Sarmatia 7.50 UAH $1.41
Denmark Thule 65.00 DKK $9.43
Finland Thule 8.00 EUR $8.62
Iceland Thule 630.00 ISK $8.12
Norway Thule 70.00 NOK $9.77
Sweden Thule 70.00 SEK $8.26
Poland Venedia 12.00 PLN $3.07
Albania   180.00 ALL $1.40
Andorra   6.00 EUR $6.46
Armenia   630.00 AMD $1.17
Bosnia-Herzegovina   1.00 BAM $0.55
Bulgaria   4.00 BGL $2.21
Chile   2500.00 CLP $3.32
China   14.00 CNY $1.69
Colombia   4800.00 $1.62
Costa Rica   970.00 CRC $2.52
Croatia   23.50 HRK $3.32
Greece   5.50 EUR $5.92
Honduras   14.00 HNL $0.82
Ireland   8.50 EUR $9.16
Macedonia   95.00 MKD $1.70
Morocco   15.00 MAD $1.51
New Zealand   12.00 NZD $6.70
Nicaragua   11.50 NIO $0.78
Nigeria   32.00 NGN $0.25
Romania   75000.00 ROL $2.27
South Africa   27.00 ZAR $3.32
Uruguay   44.00 UYU $1.56
Venezuela   3900.00 VEB $2.44
Vietnam   10798.20 VND $0.70
Yugoslavia   50.00 YUM $0.87

03 March 2756



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