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Today, a.d. VI Kal. Sept. St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c. (27 August 2014), we celebrate the festival of Volturnus. In his honor, we, the citizens of Alasca et Havaia, offer a bireme race on the Tiber River for your entertainment.

Bireme Race Results

The final results of the Bireme Races for Ludi Volturnales 2767:

Place Owner Commander Bireme Factio
1 Lucius Vitellius Triarius Lucius Vitellius Triarius Mortem Carthagenian Veneta
2 Publius Annaeus Constantinus Placidus Midir Dagda Russata
3 Aulus Julius Paterculus Nicephorus Mersatus Veneta
4 Gaius Decius Laterensis Quintus Visellius Triton's Pride Albata
5 Lucius Ulpius Atellus Apollodoros of Crete Wind Rider Veneta
6 Marcus Pompeius Caninus Tita Pompeia Canina Ops Veneta

Bireme Race Report

Welcome to Nova Roma News Radio, broadcasting to you from the eternal city.

Today is the Volturnalia and we have a special event taking place at the river front. Our reporter, Titus Nautius Sura, has a report on the bireme race!

Salvete omnes! The Governor of Alasca et Havaia has arranged a course on the river to honor Volturnus with a bireme race. It is 6:00 pm with clear skies and a warm breeze. There was plenty of action earlier but the final race to determine today's winner is about to begin. The six finalists are: Nicephorus, commanding the bireme "Mersatus", owned by Aulus Iulius Paterculus for Factio Veneta; Tita Pompeia Canina, our Praetor Minor's eldest daughter, commanding the bireme "Ops", owned by Marcus Pompeius Caninus for Factio Veneta; Quintus Visellius, commanding the bireme "Triton's Pride", owned by Gaius Decius Laterensis for Factio Albata; Apollodoros of Crete, commanding the bireme "Wind Rider", owned by Lucius Atellus Ulpius for Factio Veneta; Lucius Vitellius Triarius, commanding his own bireme “Mortem Carthagenian” for Factio Veneta; and, Midir, commanding the bireme "Dagda", owned by Publius Annæus Constantinus for Factio Russata.

Banners for the factiones are displayed proudly everywhere along the river banks. Several merchants are drawing crowds, eager to purchase trinkets and food.

The biremes have lined up and stand ready. M. Pompeius Caninus drops the mappa and they're underway. It’s a good clean start. The ships are closing in on the first dolphin. Mortem Carthagenian is beginning to pull away with Ops well ahead of the rest of the pack. Passing the first dolphin Triton’s Pride is in third place, Mersatus in fourth, Wind Rider is in fifth and Dagda is in sixth.

The boats are moving almost effortlessly on the river as they pass the second dolphin with Mortem Carthagenian still in the lead. Triton’s Pride has moved up second pulling a bit ahead of Mersatus. Ops seems to have faded to the back of pack with Wind Rider and Dagda.

As they approach the third dolphin Mersatus has surged ahead to take the lead. Ops has somehow managed to regain second place. The crowd is cheering as Mortem Carthagenian passes the dolphin in third position with Triton’s Pride close behind. Wind Rider and Dagda are pulling up the rear.

The river is shimmering in the late afternoon sun with very little wave action. The boats are just passing the fourth dolphin now. Only one more to go! And Ops has a commanding lead. Mortem Carthagenian is well behind in second position. Triton’s Pride is in third and Dagda appears to be making a move, now in fourth position ahead of Mersatus and Wind Rider. Mortem Carthagenian has just pushed Ops into the spina! That's a tough break for the young Canina. It will take some time for the crew of Ops to recover as Mortem Carthagenian seizes the lead.

And here they come! Mortem Carthagenian crosses first! Dagda follows almost immediately in second place. Mersatus has come up to third place, leaving Triton’s Pride a bit behind in fourth place. Wind Rider takes fifth place. And Ops is limping in sixth place. The Veneta fans are going wild. Cheers can be heard all along the banks of the Tiber. Our Curule Aedile is pumping his fist as he guides his ship to the shore! And his son has just come out of nowhere and covered Triarius in Falnerian! Well, there will definitely be a party tonight! Russata and Albata fans are joyful as well and the celebrations are bound to last long into the night.

That's it from the Tiber River grandstands. Lucius Vitellius Triarius has scored a win with his bireme Mortem Carthagenian. And the Blues have taken the bireme trophy from last year’s winners, the Whites. Congratulations to Triarius on his victory! Now back to the studio.

Valete omnes!

M. Pompeius Caninus
Praetore Alascae et Havaiae

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