Senatus consultum de victoria belli civilis, de salutatione imperatoria et de triumpho (Nova Roma)

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Enacted on: prid. Kal. Ian. Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c. (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and A. Tullia, 28th December, 24 ANRC / 2774 AUC / 2021 AD)

I. After the senate has heard the Victory Report of consul Q. Arrius Nauta (see attached), and the reports on the salutationes imperatoriae of the victorious commanders of the internal conflict that is called the "civil war" against the illegal coup d'état of Cn. Caesar and L. Sulla, for saving Nova Roma, the senate officially recognizes the imperatorial acclamations of the late proconsul Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, the Elder, supreme commander of all legions involved, imperator two times, by the Legio XXI Rapax, Legio II Adiutrix, Cohors VI Carpathica both times; his successor in command, dux et legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus the Younger, imperator two times, by the Legio XXI Rapax, Legio II Adiutrix, Cohors VI Carpathica both times, and by the Cohors I Atilia the second time; legatus pro praetore P. Porcius Licinus, commanding the legal strategy in the conflict, imperator two times, by the Legio XXI Rapax both times; proconsul Sex. Lucilius Tutor, supervising commander of P. Licinus pro praetore, imperator two times, by the Legio XXI Rapax both times; and, depending on the condition that he can provide a message from the legion under his imperium, the Legio XXIV Media Atlania, proconsul T. Domitius Draco, supreme commander in Columbia and Mediatlantica, later in America Noveboracensis et Mediatlantica, imperator, by the Legio XXI Rapax; as described in the attached Victory Report.

II. After receiving the Victory Report from consul Q. Arrius Nauta, considering the merits, the status and role in command of those acclaimed imperatores, the senate awards dux et legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus imperator the right to celebrate a triumphus de tyranno ex Canada, and a triumphus ex Cenomania, America, Canada de tyrannis.

III. The senate further awards legatus pro praetore P. Porcius Licinus imperator the right to celebrate a triumphus ex Cenomania de tyrannis.

IV. The senate further awards proconsul Sex. Lucilius Tutor imperator the right to celebrate an ovatio ex America et Canada de tyrannis

V. Depending on the condition that he can provide a message from the reenactment troops under his ceremonial and political command, the Legio XXIV Media Atlania that he is acclaimed imperator, the senate awards proconsul T. Domitia Draco imperator the right to celebrate an ovatio ex Cenomania de tyrannis.

VI. The senate instructs the imperators to decorate, promote and recognize those milites of the legal case fight who excelled in their virtuous service during their participation of the Saving Nova Roma movement and fought for Nova Roma with distinction.

VII. ATTACHMENT: VICTORY REPORT OF CONSUL Q. ARRIUS NAUTA (See the original post on the Forum Romanum Post #97774)



The legatus assigned under the authority of S. Lucilius Tutor proconsul, P. Porcius Licinus pro praetore, has received the following message from the Coup Faction Leader and Curator Aerarii (CFO) L. Cornelius Sulla, on 18 July, 2019:

  I'm Resigning
  I saw your latest legal document in which you and your parties are willing to adopt the corporation entity.  That is the only entity I served and fought on behalf. Since you are willing to adopt the requirements of the legal requirements of the 501c3 I am now satisfied to bowing out and leaving the organization into hands that will do the job properly, as I have striven to do.  
  Please let me know where to send it and I will make sure all of the organizations assets are turned over.
  With this i complete my last act of Nova Roma Inc and resign my offices and hope, on behalf of Nigel (Caesar) who is no longer in NR, this will bring about a conclusion of all of this.  
  Robert Woolwine (Sulla)

This is now public information. His resignation was accepted by Executive Committee of the Liberatores Saving Nova Roma immediately. According to our sources, there was no new leader and no remaining active member of the Coup Faction. With this, the only remaining leader of the Coup Faction L. Cornelius Sulla renounced his citizenship and promised that he would cooperate to transition the corporate assets to a future lawfully elected corporate leadership. This meant that the Coup Faction ceased to exist! The fight was over. We believed everything would be solved quickly, and the transitional period would be quicky.

However, a tragedy happened. Just two weeks after his announcement of surrender, on 6 August in the early hours, 2:35 AM, Rome Time (5 August 17:35 in his Arizona Time), Sulla passed away. We all were shocked by the human aspects of this sad event, and Nova Roma officially sent a wreath to his funeral as a sign of reconciliation and closure. However, the death of Sulla significantly prolonged the crisis. All assets of Nova Roma, our website, our corporate bank account, PayPal account, treasury information, official papers and everything remained with him, and we had no access to those.

If it wasn't enough, meanwhile it turned out that our corporation was never legally complete, our Bylaws and our Articles of Incorporation were not accepted in the legally defined way how it should have been done according to our State of Incorporation, Maine, USA. Sulla left this word with a never-completed surrender... We had no treasury, no websites, no property, no assets, no legally existing corporation, nothing, while we still had a dozen of Coup Faction senators sitting in their positions and who knows what preparing. They could have continued the fight, they could have sabotaged the transition and everything: or they might just renounce about their plans, as well. We could not know, so we had to continue in full war-preparation, in emergency state.

This is what we had to do for the next year, and for this current year, until today. Now we have recovered the corporation completely.

It is only today that we can finally lay down our swords.

And this we do now:



As consul of Nova Roma, chief-commander of all of our armies, I am giving this official order to all troops of Nova Roma.

All units and forces participating in the legal fight to fix Nova Roma:

Cease fight! Battle alert over! Mission completed.

I order all legion and autonomous reenactment unit commanders to communicate this to their troops.

Date, a.d. V. Kal. Ian. Q. Arrio III A. Tullia cos., 28. December, 2021.

Q. Arrius Nauta CONSUL



In the following document, you can read my Victory Report about the events of the Coup D'État, the resistance and the works of the Liberators, the plaintiffs who are honorary, "reservist" soldiers of the reenactment Legions which participated in the actions of saving Nova Roma, by verbal fighting, by signing petitions, by collecting funds for the lawsuit and helping the process in any way to fight Caesar, Sulla and the Coup Faction. These 300 citizens were mostly conscripted into the Pannonian Nova Roman reenactment unit, the Legio XXI Rapax which most prominently registered the participants of the civil war struggles. As consul, I recommend the promotion of the most prominent activists of our fight to various military ranks as deserved according to the opinion of the commanders of these unites.

In the report below, I recount the events of the Coup D'État, the capitulation of Caesar first, and then the capitulation of Sulla, the sad passing of Sulla and the aftermath of the civil war, our problems during the transition, the final actions leading to the closure of the civil war and emergency period, and what's next.

What was this whole "war" about?

This "Third Civil War" of Nova Roma was so long that many of you may not remember of its origins or newer citizens may have missed these stories. If you just believe it only started in 2015 November with the coup of Sulla and Caesar, you don't know the whole story. Our troubles started much earlier, in 2009, when Sulla came back to Nova Roma. Prior to the illegal dictatorship and coup d’état of Caesar and Sulla, Nova Roma had been already suffering from their abusive leadership for a while.

Sulla's and Caesar's quest for ruling Nova Roma, the earlier Second Civil War: 2009-2010

L. Cornelius Sulla Felix was an old citizen of Nova Roma from 1998. He became one of the early leaders and was active until 2004. He was controversial and had a domineering style, he even participated in the "First Civil War" in 1999, so people were happy when he left Nova Roma in 2004. Nova Roma lived its most prospering period between 2004-2009, until in 2009 Sulla returned and demanded his senate position back and was attacking the lawful government. He found an ally in the person of Cn. Iulius Caesar, who was a newer citizen than him. They created a faction, what we call the Sullans. It was created from the remnants of Sulla's old faction which existed prior to his departure in 2004, the Boni. With the direction of Sulla and Caesar, the Sullans started the "Second Civil War", which was a "chaos and insult" campaign between 2009-2010. Their goal was to drive out as many active citizens as they can so they can rule the ruins of Nova Roma. They managed to drive away our best citizens and affiliated reenactors, cultors and active provinces, at least a hundred good citizens left due to their attacks and harassing behavior, and when the government of NR collapsed, Sulla and Caesar took power in 2011. As a result of this fight, a split organization was created by K. Fabius Buteo Quintilianus and many of the disappointed citizens who left Nova Roma joined that organization in 2011. This was a major split and we lost too many good people due to the fight for power by Sulla and Caesar.

Prelude to the coup d'état, the tyranny of Caesar and Sulla: 2011-2015

From 2011-2015, Sulla and Caesar didn't assume any special monarchical title, they led the politics of NR as faction leaders, like informal rulers, but because of their obedient friends, everything they wanted was voted and accepted in the senate. If they had ruled well, this might have not been so bad, Nova Roma could have become the most successful project under strong and good leaders. The biggest problem was that they did not lead Nova Roma to any good direction, but just backwards to become only an online Roman politics simulation, to become insignificant. They didn't appreciate any suggestion or idea which was not their own, and they didn’t use their power in Nova Roma to make the organization thriving and successful. They didn’t create projects or a welcoming atmosphere. They used this power only to act like fiefs or kings who boss around the community forums and lecture people about their power. In this period many of the still remaining active and productive citizens were driven away by the bullying and harassment campaigns of Sulla and Caesar. During these years of their unofficial “monarchy” between 2011-2015, Caesar and Sulla committed various violations against Nova Roman law, Roman tradition and against the interests and cause of Nova Roma, and they drove Nova Roma into a period of decline. While they paid great attention to the enactment of oppressive laws and decrees and to play political faction-war games against the active contributors of Nova Roma, Sulla and Caesar greatly neglected the real, valuable missions and duties of Nova Roma. Applications for citizenship were neglected, some pending for years. All cultural activities and programs were made unofficially, by voluntary citizens, and were never supported or never initiated by the Caesarian-Sullan leadership. Caesar or Sulla have never organized or helped the organization of any event, program, project or cultural activity of Nova Roma as our mission would have required. They focused only on their insult campaigns against members who dared to criticize them and on their hurtful “power games” for titles and domination.

The coup d'état of Caesar and Sulla and the start of the current Third Civil War: 2015 November

The change in this era happened as an unexpected turn of events. In November 2015, Caesar and Sulla wanted to enact a senate decree that would have discriminated all Nova Roman citizens who hold membership in other Roman organizations. In defense of these brotherly Roman organizations, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus requested the Tribunes of the Plebs to interpose a veto against these unconstitutional senatorial decrees. This started the whole process which lead to the liberation from under the rule of Caesar and Sulla, and the renewal and re-activization of Nova Roma. Caesar and Sulla immediately claimed that this is an “imminent emergency” which “threatens the existence” of Nova Roma. Upon this pretext of emergency, Caesar and Sulla imposed an illegal dictatorship, and started the cleansing and purge of the active citizens of Nova Roma in order to make way for their personal “playing a Roman emperor” version of Nova Roma. This is how they committed a coup d’état by forming an illegal dictatorship: they expelled the vetoing tribunes, cancelled free elections, voided civic rights (corporate membership rights), and annihilated several citizens by expulsions in order to impose their private monarchy on Nova Roma. As it was revealed soon, Caesar’s and Sulla’s goal was to convert our serious nonprofit educational and cultural corporation into a “Roman emperor simulation game” in which they can play emperors for the rest of their life. They wanted to give unlimited power to the members of Coup Faction, giving them, and only to them, several thousands of Census Points which determines voting power in Nova Roman elections. This would have meant that this clique would be the omnipotent owners of Nova Roma and the rest of the citizens will be their slaves. The main supporters of this coup d’état who accepted executive offices from the illegal dictator were T. Iulius Sabinus, C. Popillius Laenas and Sta. Cornelia Aeternia. M. Pompeius Caninus, an early supporter, later apologized for his error in judgement and left the Coup Faction.

Organizing the resistance and the legions of the Saving Nova Roma Movement: 2015-2016

As a resistance to these horrendous actions, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus organized the Saving Nova Roma Movement with the primary help of Consul S. Lucilius Tutor, and put a corporate attorney in contact with P. Porcius Licinus, Tribune of the Plebs, in the defense of Nova Roma. Lentulus recruited hundreds of citizens to his liberation movement, including the most respected members of Nova Roma, many of the oldest founding citizens. These citizens participating in the legal fight were conscripted as "non-armored", "verbally fighting" reservist members of the reenactment legions of Nova Roma, mostly to the Legio XXI Rapax, under the supreme command and imperium of the late Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander the Elder, and to the Legio XXIV Mediatlantica, under the supreme imperium of T. Domitius Draco. As a result of Lentulus the Younger's efforts, founder of the Liberators movement and son of the supreme commander Lentulus Alexander, a total of 300 members of Nova Roma, Inc. joined the Complaint Letter or expressed support for it. With the professional direction and invaluable financial support of P. Porcius Licinus, the entire active membership of Nova Roma turned to the attorney for help. At this point, our corporation, legally registered in the State of Maine, USA, could be only saved from being transformed to a private property of the Sullan clique by legal authorities. P. Porcius Licinus was appointed by the senate as legatus to S. Lucilius Tutor and was given praetorian imperium to direct the legal maneuvers of our fight for saving Nova Roma.

The first two victories

I have summed up how the civil war started, and how the resistance was organized. Now I will report about the first two victories that made the final victory possible.

Defeating the illegal dictator Caesar and a long stalemate: 2016-2019

From the last days of 2015, P. Porcius Licinus led the negotiations and work with the attorneys, who admonished Sulla and Caesar about the illegality of their dictatorship and other actions, as a result of which the illegal dictator Caesar recognized that his position was indefensible, and resigned in March 2016. However, the crisis was not over. After March 2016, the “corporate” Nova Roma was continued to be intentionally paralyzed by Caesar and Sulla who still controlled the Board of Directors and kept the corporation in an “artificial coma” in hope that they can still keep their power over Nova Roma.

The year 2017 was spent with negotiations between the attorneys of the membership of Nova Roma and the attorney of Sulla and Caesar who paralyzed the corporation and kept the Board of Directors under their control.

After months of investigation and hard work, in mid 2018, the attorneys of the citizens of Nova Roma launched a very well-prepared and legally very compelling argument against the usurpers of our corporation, as a result of which the former illegal dictator and quasi-monarch of Nova Roma, Caesar, who caused all these troubles and almost destroyed Nova Roma, acknowledged his incomplete and erroneous understanding of the corporate laws pertinent to Nova Roma, Inc., and that he was unable to defend his positions and continue any fight against the united citizenry and their attorneys. On 15 October 2018, Caesar finally renounced his citizenship in Nova Roma and left the organization. Those 15-20 Sulla-Caesar Coup Faction members who were fixing their hopes on the tactics of Caesar were scattered after the surprise that even their leader Caesar acknowledged that they couldn’t win a legal conflict against the membership of Nova Roma, Inc. in court, simply because their actions about the so called “coup” and afterwards were all illegal and indefensible. There remained only 6 Board members as the sole remaining Coup Faction members who still supported Sulla and the rogue Board, now under the sole leadership of Sulla.

After this, in the first months of 2019, the attorneys of the citizens prepared the Formal Complaint against Sulla and Caesar. It took some months, but then Sulla and Caesar received enough long deadline to answer to this and prevent a lawsuit against them, but they didn't comply. Since they didn't comply, our attorneys had to file the Formal Complaint and initiate a lawsuit in May 2019 at the court in Maine USA, where Nova Roma is registered, and Sulla and Caesar were sent the formal service of process by the authorities. This made the difference, this accelerated the events and led to victory.

Defeating Sulla and partial victory: 2019 July

Sulla received the service notice about the lawsuit, and contacted his attorney, the official clerk of Nova Roma, Inc, Mr Vallaincourt who said that he would not be legally able to defend him in this lawsuit. At this moment, Sulla realized that it was over, our case was very strong and he had no support behind himself, and at this point he finally decided to comply with the demands of the Nova Romans. On 19 July 2019, Sulla also renounced his citizenship and entered in contact with our representatives, legatus pro praetore P. Licinus, proconsul T. Domitius, and the founding leader of the Liberators Saving Nova Roma movement, legatus pro praetore Cn. Lentulus.

At the time of Sulla's resignation from Nova Roma, the leader of our movement Lentulus and the Committee of the Liberators were in unanimous agreement that we appreciated Sulla's last action and we thanked him that he had chosen this peaceful and cooperative way of closing the conflict. As a gesture of our gratitude, we wanted him to leave with his head held high, with dignity. In retrospect, we will always try to remember his commitment to Nova Roma and the wise closure of the fight for the interests of Nova Roma. A general amnesty was also offered to all members of the Coup Faction who were willing to apologize for their mistakes and errors in judgement. We only wanted peace and reconciliation.

As you could read in my introduction to this report, Sulla died two weeks later, and all negotiations, all preparations for the transition, all the work done in order to quickly fix the corporation of Nova Roma vanished, and we had to manage everything from scratch.

Recovering the official website of Nova Roma, discussions and doubts about correct procedure, the time of hesitation: 2019-2020

As all of Nova Roma was shocked and wondering what should be the next step, discussions and debates started in all levels. the Committee of the Liberators wanted to form an action plan, the citizens wanted to know how to proceed, many factions came in light and started to propose various ideas: unification with other Roman groups, dissolution of the corporation, continue repairing the corporation, and various strategical questions. One of the biggest problems was that it turned out that Nova Roma's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were invalid since the founding due to formal and procedural errors. All of the laws and official documents had to be accepted again, but we did not have access to the complete database of our members, we could not convene a lawful corporate members' meeting to vote on our basic documents.

A next step toward final victory was the recovering of the website of Nova Roma by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, who negotiated this with the ex-citizen Cn. Caesar, the former illegal dictator and orchestrator of the the coup. After many years, Nova Roma could return to its original old website started in 1998. We came to possess again our membership database with almost a 1000 of unprocessed citizenship requests and four years of accumulated damage to Nova Roma. Huge work expected the censorial office and the IT officers of Nova Roma, before we could hold a corporate election.

Our attorneys also investigated that Nova Roma can lawfully enact its Bylaws and legalize the Board of Directors (the senate) if we hold a one-man-one-vote type of election of the Board of Directors. This raised many concerns and doubts because Nova Roma was founded on the principle that we do everything in the Roman way. Electing the senate is not the Roman way, it would make our senate completely false and distorted. Long thinking and many debates waited for the leaders to figure our how to have the cake and eat it at the same time. It required not weeks but many months to figure out a procedural way to do it legally satisfying both the USA Maine regulations and the Roman tradition which is the most important for us.

The passing away of our supreme commander: 2020

While preparations started for correcting the formal mistakes of our legal status, and to create a new Constitution (Bylaws), which was to be enacted in 2020, and the complete process of fixing Nova Roma to be concluded in 2020, which was last year, Nova Roma had to face another tragedy. Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander passed away on 16 June 2020. He was the formal head of all legions, the Saving Nova Roma movement's activists, and he was the pater familias of the executive leader of the liberators, Lentulus the Younger. This event caused lethargy among the leadership of Nova Roma, especially affected was Lentulus filius who was taken away from active business and work on the restoration of Nova Roma for months. Meanwhile I was sent to a deployment unexpectedly and I was unable to attend my consular duties for a significant part of last year, and my colleague consul T. Domitius Draco became ill and had to withdraw from active leadership.

These alone could incapacitate the government for a long time, but last year was also most heavily affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. While the international Nova Roman government works mostly online, magistrates were still affected, and they could not proceed with the complex task of reorganizing the entire corporation and fixing Nova Roma from top to bottom. Several leading citizens or their families had illnesses, meetings and events got cancelled, the international convention had to be cancelled, and we could barely conduct a single senate session last year, with both consuls having problems.

The year 2020 whose was spent in lethargy and distraction. This is the reason I ran for a third consulship, because I wanted to complete the tasks I undertake and to lead Nova Roma to the peace and to closure about all these troubles.

The final victory and complete rebuilding

At the end of 2020, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus the Younger received the position of supreme command of the civil war aftermath in the place of his late pater familias Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, the pater patriae. Lentulus speed up the process of closing the aftermath of the civil war and the crisis period, and he conducted the final operations and maneuvers. After long preparations in internal discussions, during the course of the current year, S. Lucilius Tutor special proconsul with full consular power and my quaestor Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, dux and legatus pro praetore, these two leaders of our fight, have prepared a modification to the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda, to make it the new permanent constitution of Nova Roma, including all the necessary changes to fix our corporation. Lentulus prepared a new and special way of double voting to solve the dilemma of the republic and corporation dichotomy, where all citizens of Nova Roma were invited to vote both as a corporate members' meeting and as the comitia centuriata at the same time. Citizens were instructed and educated about the significance of accepting the new constitution and Bylaws via both methods so that we can synchronize our republic and corporation. The legions that participated in the Saving Nova Roma movement were informed by dux and legatus pro praetore Lentulus that they need to elect those, and only those people as members of the Board of Directors who are currently senators, otherwise we could have a discrepancy between the senate and the Board of Directors, and unification could not be complete.

The first ever legal general meeting of members of Nova Roma, Inc. was convened by S. Lucilius Tutor, the man who was the biggest victim of the coup d'état of Caesar and Sulla: Lucilius was the consul whom Caesar illegally removed from office expelled from Nova Roma in order to take over. Lucilius headed the government in exile to start the resistance and the non-corporate citizen community which finally defeated Caesar and Sulla. It was historical justice that he could, under his special consular imperium, convene the comitia and the general meeting of members of the corporation to enact the first legal Bylaws of Nova Roma, Inc., and to elect the first fully legal Board of Directors.

The popular vote was a breakthrough, a revolution toward the final victory. The legal maneuver was successful, the people approved the constitution and bylaws in both types of assemblies, and elected the senators as directors of Nova Roma, Inc. The corporation and the republic were made each other's mirrors. Only one closing action had still to be made: the senate, as the Board of Directors, had to formally enact, formally validate all past laws and decrees of Nova Roma so that they can be legal in the corporation, because nothing was legally valid in the previous installation of our corporation. And finally, the senate had to dissolve declare the re-unification of the non-corporate republic of Nova Roma with the corporation of Nova Roma.

This is what has just been completed. Today, the senate has formally re-united what was separated, the republic and the corporation, and validated the entire history, all legal documents of both, under one entity.

Today, all struggles and works are concluded.

Today, we have closed the period of civil war aftermath.

Our mission is completed.

This was my victory report.

What is next, what will come after this conclusion?

As long as the corporation was not fixed, the SCUs and emergency rules had to remain in force, until the corporation and the republic is merged again. This time has come now! Our senate will have to rescind all emergency rules in force, and complete Roman republican democracy can return without any restriction.

We also have to see what we should do with those former senators who never acknowledged the lawful Nova Roma and formally are still fighting against the Nova Roma of the people. We all must treat them how we would like to be treated in a similar situation. When Lentulus led the opposition under the Sulla-Caesar regime between 2011-2015, the determination of the opposition was that one big change we want in the NR leadership was that we wanted the nasty insults, the humiliating and cruel style of the regime removed from Nova Roma, and we wanted the leadership to presume benevolence in critics and to treat all citizens, good or bad, with respect and kindness. Now, as consul, leader of the government in this special situation, I wish to live up to Lentulus' principle of benevolence. Now, when we have the power to be vindictive and merciless, we choose to be benevolent and merciful. According to a Senatus Consultum Ultimum from last year, we invite all supporters of the Coup Faction to admit their mistake and the senate will grant complete amnesty. Otherwise Nova Roma has laws that would require punishment for mismanagement and power abuse.

If you supported the coup d'état of Caesar and Sulla, and you were a decision maker in their regime, please contact me and we will resolve your public apology, and we can close this chapter forever.

Acknowledgements, awards and thanksgivings

Now, as consul I see as my duty to give proper thanks to all the people who lead this fight and who contributed to the decisions. The following leaders with imperium in charge of legions who participated in the civil war were already distinguished by the highest military honor of SALUTATIO IMPERATORIA, having been saluted as "imperator", supreme commander:

I. Proconsul Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander imperator, two times:
First he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius, on 19 October, 2018, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Caesar.
At the second time he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in my consulship, Q. Arrius, and of P. Annaeus, on 19 July, 2019, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Sulla.
II. Dux et legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus imperator, two times:
First he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius, on 19 October, 2018, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Caesar.
At the second time he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in my consulship, Q. Arrius, and of P. Annaeus, on 28 December, 2021, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Sulla, and for the complete overall victory, concluding the war. (This salutation is going to be posted after this report.)
III. Proconsul S. Lucilius Tutor imperator, two times:
First he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius, on 19 October, 2018, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Caesar.
At the second time he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in my consulship, Q. Arrius, and of P. Annaeus, on 19 July, 2019, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Sulla.
IV. Legatus pro praetore P. Porcius Licinus imperator, two times:
First he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in the consulship of C. Claudius and T. Domitius, on 19 October, 2018, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Caesar.
At the second time he was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in my consulship, Q. Arrius, and of P. Annaeus, on 19 July, 2019, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Sulla.
V. Proconsul T. Domitius Draco imperator, one time:
He was saluted as imperator by the Legio XXI Rapax in my consulship, Q. Arrius, and of P. Annaeus, on 19 July, 2019, for a victory in the civil war, defeating Sulla.

Sincere thanks to all members of the executive committee of the liberators, to the founder and leader Lentulus, to the other leading members or chief plaintiffs Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, P. Porcius Licinus and T. Domitius Draco, to the members: S. Lucilius Tutor, A. Tullia Scholastica, C. Claudius Quadratus, A. Liburnius Hadrianus and A. Vergilius Figulus. As the ninth member, I am honored to be part of this committee!

I give a special hurrah to imperator Cn. Cornelius Lentulus for starting the fight and founding the movement of the liberators and the committee of the liberators, and for leading the war of the saving of Nova Roma. Lentulus always believed in and pushed for the objectives and the methods and kept our faith and spirit alive, even when most of us were down and in disbelief.

Special thanks to imperator P. Porcius Licinus who did the most troublesome work of managing our attorneys, phone calls, negotiations and a lot other things, and who donated a fortune to the Saving Nova Roma movement legal costs. Without him, we couldn't see this day!

Special thanks to imperator S. Lucilius Tutor who endured the first hardest days when the coup started, and who helped Lentulus to organize and lead the resistance at the beginning.

I ask the commanders of the involved legionary units to decorate, promote and recognize those milites of the legal case fight who excelled in their virtues during their participation of the Saving Nova Roma movement and fought for Nova Roma with distinction.

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