Praetorial Edict CnIC MCGG 64-04

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Praetor-logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Praetores. Make no unauthorized changes .

CnIC MCGG 64-04 concerning the moderation of the Forum Novae Romae:

EDICT n°64-04

Issued by Praetor Cn. Iulius Caesar and Praetor M. Cornelius Gualterus Graecus: concerning the moderation of the Forum Novae Romae

Ex Officio Praetoris Nova Roma:


We, Gnaeus Iulius Caesar and Marcus Cornelius Gualterus Graecus, praetores for the year MMDCCLXIV, in the hope of promoting a more free and lively, yet well-ordered, setting for the gathering and interaction of the people of Nova Roma within our principal forum, Forum Novae Romae (also known as The Main List or The ML),

promulgate the following edict for civil conduct within the Forum Novae Romae:

1. All discussions are expected to conform to the requirements and restrictions of the Yahoo Terms of Service (ToS) contract by which this forum and its users are bound (available in summary form here:

2. Citizens/users are reminded this is not classified as an adult group and should govern their choice of language accordingly to comply with the restrictions imposed by Yahoo ToS. Additionally citizens/users should be aware that posts that may be considered defamatory, libellous or otherwise injurious, could give rise to a cause of action either within Nova Roma under any current relevant leges, or macronationally in courts of competent jurisdiction and should therefore govern themselves accordingly.

3. Prohibited, disruptive or offensive conduct/language, or a combination thereof, as defined by either Yahoo ToS and/or the Praetors, will be dealt by warnings and/or imposed moderation. The Praetors are not bound by precedent in deciding these matters, which will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

4. Serious consideration will be taken of any apology or explanation in defense of a behavior for which a penalty may be or has been considered by the Praetura with the understanding that, ultimately, the decision of the Praetores, subject to all legal forms of redress and veto within the Res Publica, will be considered final.

5. All posts will be expected to be signed by the poster's Roman name. Latin openings and closings will be welcome but not mandatory.

This edict shall take effect immediately.
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