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Welcome to the PILUM Newsletter & Webzine!

Insight on the Roman military machine! The Pilum is a quarterly webzine publication and the official newsletter of the Sodalitas Militarium of Nova Roma, providing articles, stories and discussions on various aspects of the Roman Military with a special focus on Infantry, Cavalry, Naval, Engineering and Cartography topics.

In The Current Issue...

Rhine River Patrol, #15, "A Tribune's Secret" 
The Tribune sat in the deep shade of a spreading oak tree with the remains of a sumptuous mid-day meal before him. Lobster shells and cherry pits littered the table and covered the large silver serving platter. Standing close to the edge of the table stood a large flagon half-filled with Falernian wine, while next to the wine stood a pitcher of cool spring water fresh from the spring house under the building behind him. He held loosely in his hand an elaborately carved wooden goblet and he appeared to be in deep thought. More...
Death, part 1 
Hastus watched wearily as the sun burst from the horizon and lit the mountain tops around him with the golden glow of morning light. The dark plains that stretch away to the North were still hidden in deep shadow as though still sleeping, wrapped in the cloak of darkness. The hillside above and below him was empty now, except for the dead bodies of the enemy, dead horses, and the few Roman legionaries who had fallen. More...
Book Report
"Early Roman Armies", Sekunda & Northwood  : "...a good introductory text to the more involved and detailed books on the Roman Army..." More...

In The Previous Issue...

The Great Rhenus Fluvius 
(The Letters of Lucius Pomonianus #6) The great river spread out before the man standing in the shadow of the great cliff which overhung the river road. The river surface had the appearance of a very large... More...
Rhine River Patrol, #14 
(From Slave to Servant) The woman’s attitude had returned to being stand offish again and Marcus was growing very tired of this up and down change in her personality toward him. Perhaps some patience at this point would... More...
An Attack 
Sunrise came slowly as time dragged for the men of the Legion who manned the outposts in the early morning watch. This morning was quite cool as opposed to the heavy damp heat of the previous night, when Hastus had lay sweating on his pallet. More...

From the Editor's Desk

Have an interesting article or series you would like to share on the ancient Roman Military? Send us your works for review for inclusion in the next issue of the Pilum today! Inquiries and contributions for publication consideration may be sent to this webzine via the Editor at: jmath669642reng@webtv.net

  • Sumbit your Article and Stories for the next issue of the Pilum Newsletter no later than (TBA), 2008.

Senior Editor: Senator Marcus Audens

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