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This is one of the Nova Roma wiki help files.

This is a quick guide for using images for Romans who are new to wikis.

Always follow the Fourfold Way:

The Fourfold way is the basic set of steps used for all edits.

Step 1. Click the edit tab to start making your edits.

Step 2. Enter a note in the edit Summary so others know what you have done. A summary might be as simple as "fix typos", "add links" or "add photo". Not leaving a summary is very bad form.

Step 3. Show preview to check your changes. If it isn't right, go back and do more editing. Every time you save, you create a version of the page that will be saved forever. Unnecessary saves create unnecessary load when backing up the database. Be kind to the server and preview before saving.

Step 4. When you have checked everything, click Save page.



An image, including alternate text

  • Everything goes in [[double brackets]].
  • Put Image: plus the image file name first.
  • Put a pipe character | between the image file name and the alternate text.
[[Image:Nova_Roma_Flag.jpg|Nova Roma flag]]

Makes this:

Nova Roma flag

An image in a frame with a caption

Just add the keyword frame and set it off with pipe characters |

[Image:Nova_Roma_Flag.jpg|frame|The Nova Roma flag]]

Makes this:

The Nova Roma flag

Wrapping text around an image

The Nova Roma flag

You can put the image in a frame with a caption and make text wrap around it. You can make the image move to the left or to the right.

  • Add the keyword left or right and set it off with pipe characters |
  • Put the image first and the surrounding text below it.
[[Image:Nova_Roma_Flag.jpg|frame|left|The Nova Roma flag]] You can 
put the image in a frame...

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