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NR clan banner.jpg

U.S. Legionaries at Roman Days, Maryland, 2007

Welcome to NR Clan!

NR Clan is a group supported by Nova Roma and whose main goal is to welcome every individual, specially every Nova Roma citizen or child of citizen, interested in gaming, specially against other players.

Such an interest may apply to:

  • board games
  • computer games
  • physical role playing games.

NR Clan aims to allow its members to share informations on the games they are ou may be interested in, specially the ones devoted to the Ancient Rome.

NR Clan aims also to form what online gamers call a "clan", i.e. a group of players who fight under a same flag and name, who share common values, and whose community helps them improving themselves in the practice or the knowledge of the played game, along with sharing an experience of the organization and life of a structured group.

According its means and membership size, NR Clan will develop every useful field of its activities, beginning with military field Rome Total War (RTW) videogame and playing RTW online.

NR Clan official flag

CIV-Publius Memmius Albucius.jpg

Publius Memmius Albucius

NR Clan

2761 a.u.c., Kal. Maias (May 1st)

Here is our first NR Clan home page.

It is the most simple one, in order to get you direct to the informations you are looking for on NR Clan, either you are a member or not, a Novaroman or not, an online gamer or just curious about us.

This "News" column will welcome news about NR Clan and its members, events, etc. but also on games releases or interesting publications.

Do not hesitate all to send us your remarks and suggestions.

Every one is welcome, even if you are not gaming specialists. We need every one!

P. Memmius Albucius

A legion is waiting the Gauls in RTW historical "Bibrax" battle
Scipiones cohortes assaulting Hatra Syrian city in a RTW campaign
Will you let our Eagles in the flames?
Come and join us, Miles!
Forum banner of a famous RTW online gaming clan, German Antiquae

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