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F.A.Q. on NR Clan

In this page, you will find the Frequently Asked Questions
you are asking or may ask about NR Clan and your relation to it.
Naturally, as any F.A.Q., this page is not a frozen one.

Do not hesitate reacting on it, and proposing other items.

Scouting in Calabria

Q.: Can I join even if I am not citizen of Nova Roma or not even subscribed to one of Yahoo! Nova Roma list?

Yes, you can. We are happy to welcome you among us once you accept the rules of NR clan, specially because you have understood that this clan may give you a different environment than other RTW or games on line.

Q.: How old can I join?

If you are a Novaroman, either you have the 18 years old legal age, or not. In this last case, and as your family is supposed, as Novaroman, following the roman virtues and respect Nova Roma law, you are reputed to be fully authorized by your parents to enter any online gaming.

If you are not listed as a Nova Roma citizen or a child of a civis novaromanus/-a, we ask you to get sure that your parents do not see any objection about your online gaming. In this spirit, you can inform them that NR clan, as a representative of Ancient Rome values which are promoted and practiced by Nova Roma, will give you a gaming environment conform to these values, and thus more secure for every parent.

Q.: Am I free?

You are like in any group. It means you have to respect the ethics and rules of the clan, and take part to the life of the clan at a basic level. For the clan is not a prison nor a gaming machine. You can leave it if and when you want and build your own way to build your life inside the clan. Inactive members will naturally have a different status than active ones but will still be considered as members of the clans as long as they do not infringe, by their behavior outside the clan, its rules.

You may even belong to another clan while defending NR clan. All we ask you is to not infringe, under these other colors, the Roman values and NR clan ethics.

What level do I need to join NR clan ?

Just your level! NR clan is not an elitist clan, i.e. which would accept just good or reknown players. Everyone is thus welcome in NR, just because we think that being a fan of ancient Rome is as much important than your skills as online player.

We also want that every member in NR clan feels *well* first, and choose the way he prefers to get comfortable in the clan. Those who would like to improve their skills and ranking will meet good opportunities to be awarded in their efforts. We have a rating-ranking system which will allow them to evaluate their gaming level and the progression made. The other ones, who would prefer to involve in civil offices inside the clan can fully do it, for, if fighting remains important in the life of every true Roman, the clan proposes you an organization which is not only focused on military results and skills, but proposes civil offices beside military ones, and develop the ancient Roman virtues that are promoted by Nova Roma.

We also want that every member in NR clan feels *well* first, and choose the way he prefers to get comfortable in the clan. Those who would like to improve their skills and ranking will meet good opportunities to be awarded in their efforts. We have a rating-ranking system which will allow them to evaluate their gaming level and the progression made. The other ones, who would prefer to involve in civil offices inside the clan can fully do it, for, if fighting remains important in the life of every true Roman, the clan proposes you an organization which is not only focused on military results and skills, but proposes civil offices beside military ones, and develop the ancient Roman virtues that are promoted by Nova Roma.

What is sure is that we will prefer a beginner who is a true Roman in her/his behavior instead an arrogant good or so-called (generally by her/him- self) "good player" or "expert". The first one will improve in the frame of the clan, and helps the clan improving itself ; the second one will not remain a long time with us.

What difference is there between rating and ranking?

The rating is a number of points calculated on the basis of a group of formulas, specific to our NR clan, which mixes the E.L.O. system with more recent system applied in Go competititions and in Age of Empires 3 ranking system. Our NR clan system is thus more fair and equal thatn the E.L.O. one, where you either lost or won much, where the beginners and even the average players were discouraged when seeing their rating lower to a lower level than the one they were assigned when they entered the system, and where the best fighters and the beginners had not much interest to play to keep their capital of points.

Our rating system will first smooth the evolutions, so that any player will not risk her/his whole clothes when playing vs. anyone, and also will (see the question on gaming frequence) discourage the players who would stay sit on their rating booty without playing.

The ranking is a classified list of grades/ranks, each of which has a rating equivalence. For example, the lowest (Roman) grade of Tiro, equivalent of 1st level Conscript in AoE ranking, more and more used in RTW clans, has a 100 points rating. You need a mininum level to enter a specified grade. For the rating system will not give you a round number of point, but may rate you at 583, 1467 or 2011. Every hundred of points correspond to a grade. When you are thus at 583, you know immediatly that you just have to get 17 points to be upgraded. At 2011, you have 89 points left to the next grade, but are supposed to be strong enough to have more chances to get them, etc..

You will thus speak "rating" in you think in terms of points, and "ranking" if you think "military grades".

But naturally, all these considerations just concern NR members who wish involving themselves in this stimulating competition.

Legio Secunda Augusta Aquilifer

Rome Total War 'factiones' flags

Is NR clan a male clan?

Not at all, girls and women are welcome, for any responsibility they would like to take in the clan. Even if girls and women are less than boys and men in online gaming, they are present and as tough as their male opponents on the battle field. Every one will be considered equally according her/his acts, behavior, and her/his constance and ability to put forward and high the Roman values.

Macedonian phalax have formed the square

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Even if the knowledge of English will help you in communicating with the English/American speaking members of NR, English is just a convenient tool that members must be clever enough to put aside if a better communication channel seems appropriate. The rule in this field is that there is no rule: everyone must do an effort to understand the other.

Have I to know or learn Latin?

Not at all. More and more, you will learn easily a few words of Latin on military ranks, civil organization, etc.. If you are then interested, you may in a second step, wish to go further in discovering Latin, for example in the frame of Nova Roma, where you will find many people like you.

Are we obliged to play RTW?

Yes and no. In a first time, NR clan will focus on RTW online gaming, just because we have not time enough to answer many demands. But, as far as players will enter the clan and be concerned and motivated, other games departments may be open in the clan, for example under the intiative of the interested individuals, and the condition that the development of such departements do not provoke the desertion of another.

Is it interesting for me to play much?

It depends on the time you have, naturally. But if you have chosen to try the "ranking" way, yes. You have seen that you have not a huge playing obligation : from one to three times a week. NR clan rating/ranking system helps players who play much, rather than the less active. Even if you lose several games in a considering time, you will at least win points.

Which must be my online gaming frequence to be rated?

You will effectively need fighting at least once a week, which is very reasonable, if you are approximatively rated in the first half of the ranking ordo. For higher rated players, you will have to fight two or maximum three times a week. If you cannot answer this request, you may report to the following weeks your "contract", or just forget rating for a while. If you do not fill this small obligation, you will loose a few points in you rating.

Can I be downgraded? What are the consequences?

Yes, you can, but relax : life is not over! Except a few privileges linked to certain grades (like in commanding collective clan fights), you will not lose anything, for example in relation with other players. Your downgrading is just the negative application of the rules that, as competitor, you have wished to accept. It is one of the signs of your responsibility. But no doubt that, if you are still a competitor, you will try recovering your last level and rank, at least! This is not so uneasy : the most you play and, with NR clan system, the more you can gain points, and not risk your owned points!

Who decides in the clan?

As in every online gaming clan, every decision in any field of the clan's life is not submitted every time to the vote of all the clan members. It would be a waste of time and efficiency, specially because some of us are less time than others, or agree that other clan members may take ordinary decisions on their implicit mandate.

But contrary to other online gaming clans, RTW's ones or not, NR clan proposes you an organization where the best players are not necessary the ones who take the most important decisions, for the most skilled in RTW may be briliant generals, but not the best state men or women.

The decisions are taken either by a council, the Curia, or by the executive, composed by the Princeps (a kind of "leader") and her/his assistants.

What are my duties as NR Clan member?

Just to try to behave as a true Roman, to respect the Clan ethics (Code of Conduct) and (but both are linked), be a worthy representative of the Clan outside, in every unformal or formal meeting or competition. As NR clan is supported by Nova Roma, this is to say several thousands of new Romans. When you represents NR clan, you really represent a real strenght, not three or twenty members, at best, for ordinary online gaming clans.

You also commit in playing at least one alliance game per week, organized by NR Clan, and take part to two events (tournaments, ladders) that NR Clan may organize in a year or be part of.

If you have a web site whose one part is dedicated to one of the games that you play in NR Clan, you are asked to link your site with NR Clan's one, for example with the logo that NR Clan will propose you.

Last, you commit yourself to take part to the life of the clan, in the frame of your possibilities.

What if I cannot take part to the life of the Clan?

If you cannot for a long time, for example several months, please consider if you may sincerely invlove in NR Clan membership. If you think so, discuss of your situation with NR Clan officials.

If you are to leave the Clan activities for a lower time, inform by e-mail the Clan officials and/or leave a message on the Clan forum. It takes fives minutes and is always appreciated.

Can I be removed from NR Clan ? How and when?

Yes, you can, if you have obviously and willingly infringed one or several of the NR Clan rules such as expressed in the NR Clan general rules section, this F.A.Q. section or the Code of Conduct. In case of serious infringment, a sole act may be enough to remove a member from the Clan. For other infringments, the member is warned before being removed. In every case, NR Clan officials will seek, as a first step, that the infringment be repaired by any efficient and friendly way.

Special rules decided by NR Clan powers will specify, if necessary, these principles.

Can I use NR Clan logo, flag, name, texts, images, etc. in a non-NR Clan venue?

Yes, at three conditions :

  • it must be in a non profit making frame;
  • the aim must be to inform people on Nova Roma or NR Clan activities, or to promote them;
  • quoting NR Clan source when a text, image or every NR Clan support is used, with the indication of the year and, every time it is possible, an hypertext link.

May I have my own flag or emblem, tags, etc.?

You may, as private ones, at the following conditions:

  • in your gaming activities, when you fight as a member of NR Clan, and even if you are also member at the same time of another clan, you are asked to display, along with you own flag, emblem, tag, etc., the NR Clan ones.
  • inside NR Clan, your individual flag, emblem, tags, etc. may be submitted to certain limitations, specially in forums or discussion lists, if their color, form or size is not compatible with these forums and lists.
  • in both situations, your flag, emblem, tags must promote values or iconography on ancient Rome.

Is Nova Roma a church, a political party, a sect, or a subversive or revolutionary group?

Not at all. Nova Roma Inc. is a non profit making corporation legally registered in the United States of America, just because it has been founded ten years ago by U.S. citizens. The aim of Nova Roma is promoting the romanity and making work daily a res publica, this is to say a Roman state, with its assemblies, its senate, its magistracies. It is thus a living school on how the Roman institutions worked and what is different now.

Nova Roma, as a state, has priests like ancient Rome, which are to practice the ancient Roman religion, but the organization guarantees to every kind of believer (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, etc.) the respect of her/his individual private beliefs.

Nova Roma is not a sect because it claims its respect of the laws of every current national state where its members may live, does not practice proselytism, and do not practice any mental control method or financial pressure that are developed by sects.

Nova Roma is not a political party because, if its goal is ideally the restoration of a roman republic, neither its structure, its material objectives, nor its means do not allow it to pretend playing any role in the political life of any of the states around the world.

Last, Nova Roma is not a subversive or revolutionary group for it has assesses its will to respect the laws of current national states and places its action, as a non profit making corporation, in their legal frame.

Scipiones cohortes assaulting Hatra Syrian city in a RTW campaign
Will you let our Eagles in the flames?
Come and join us, Miles!
Forum banner of a famous RTW online gaming clan, German Antiquae

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