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In the early days of Nova Roma, we established a tradition of live chat sessions each Market Day. This tradition is being revived in K. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c..

Market Days occur once each nundinum in the Roman calendar. They are thus eight days apart, spaced evenly throughout the year.

This year, (M. Cotta C. Petronio cos. MMDCCLXXVII a.u.c.), market days occur on the "G" day of each nundinum. The letter today is "B".

When superimposed on the modern calendar, Market Days follow an easy-to-remember pattern: each market day is one week and one day after the previous. Thus, if the previous market day was a Tuesday, the next will be the Wednesday of the following week, then the Thursday of the week after, etc.

IRC chat

Each Market Day, all citizens are invited to the IRC chat sessions. While this service is available at any time, it is hoped that by choosing a particular time, more people will participate then, and a large number of people can be encountered at once.

There are two recommended times to participate on Market Days:

To join the chat, download an IRC client and go to the URL irc:// . Further details about the software, the channel, and setting your name can be found at the IRC (Nova Roma) article.

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