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Magna Mater Caerimonia, our ritual

Home Sellisternia ritual

A banqueting table is prepared, and those to share in the meal invited. A prominent chair , perhaps raised, is spread with precious fabrics and pillow, while a mural crown or statue of the goddess is reverently borne on a sacred litter tensa to this seat. Or may be simply place her . This is a home ritual. This sellisternia is a special sacred rite invoking the goddess as permanent protector of the state, of Rome.

The host/sacrificer should be freshly bathed adorned in a tunica/tunic only , with the head unveiled as this is a ritu phyrgium Then set before the goddess an altar and the offering wine, especially the moretum, goddess addressed with this prayer:

"Great Mother, because it is proper for cheese and herbs to be given to you (in the house of my family) for a sacred feast, for the sake of this thing may you be honoured by this feast offering." [1]

"Magna Mater, quod tibi fieri oportet (in domo familia mea) culignam moreto? (dapi) eius rei ergo macte hac illace dape pollucenda esto."

Then wash your hands either in a bowl placed before you or carried by an attendant, using words from M. Moravius Horatius Piscinus' daily Lararium ritual.

After then say "Great Mother, may you be honoured by this feast offering, may you be honoured by the cheese and herbs sacrificed."

"Magna Mater, macte istace dape pollucenda esto, macte moreto inferio esto." Give to Vesta if you wish. The sacred banquet for Magna Mater is moretum and wine, then to Magna Mater profane the offering, the moretum with your touch,

Give everyone at the banquet a portion of the moretum, making sure a small portion is left for the goddess.

During the banquet, guests may address the Great Mother, Magna Mater, making additional offerings (such as wine, incense) and asking for favours and blessings in return 3# Nova Roma Template for Domestic Roman Sacrifice.

The Great Mother delights in sound and noise, so a solemn evening is inappropriate. Guests should play the flute and drums or play a record or cd of lively raucous drums.

Here is a selection of prayers : from M.J. Vermaseren “Cybele and Attis; the Myth and the Cult”. Also P. 86 from Book 10 of the Aeneid.

Our priests

Nova Roma has two Magnae Matris Deum Aedis Sacerdotes :

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  1. Cato, de Agricultura 132

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