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Racing Factiones: Factio Praesina, Factio Albata‎, Factio Russata, Factio Veneta

Gladiator Schools: Ludus Praesinus, Ludus Albatus‎, Ludus Russatus, Ludus Venetus

Other pages of interest: Circenses/Munera Gladitoria/Venationes rules, Ludi pages, Aedile portal

Championships: Circenses Championship, Gladiatorial Championship, Cultural Championship

This page is updated - Albucius cos. - a.d. XIII Kal. Apr. 2763.


2763/2010 Ludi Ranking

The Ludi Championship Series of Nova Roma consists of a two-part series, Individual Competition (Series I) and Factions Competition (Series II).

Victory points are awarded to competitors in chariot and horse races, as well in athletics races, munera (gladiator fights) or venationes (animals fights), which are held throughout the year during Ludi and other festivals. For 2763/2010, the curule and plebeian aediles have decided to join the results of the contests they organize in order to include them in a sole global table.

This page contains two tables: the first one is the Individuals ranking ; the second one is the Factiones ranking.

Both tables are updated according the ranking system presented in the chart below.

Series I: Individual 2763/2010 Ranking

Ludi Novi Romani Circenses individual final ranking

Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Best rank Pts
I Incitatus Stolo V C. Petronius Dexter Winner 16
II Albus ventus Hermanus A C. Maria Caeca Finals, 2nd 15
III Luxogenes Eporicus A P. Memmius Albucius Finals, 3rd 14
IV Drunas Nervia A P. Memmius Albucius Finals, 4th 13
V Venator ventorum Emrys Gallus V Max. Valeria Messallina 2nd 1/2 fin., 3rd 12
VI Sol erumpens Ambicatos P Q. Servilius Priscus 1st 1/2 fin., 3rd 11
VII Volcanus Merddyn celticus P Q. Servilius Priscus 2nd 1/2 fin., 4th 10
VIII Rubidea Febronius R M. Arminius Maior 1st 1/2 fin., 4th 9
IX Amaxa Arctus R L. Livia Plauta 4th 1/4 fin., 3rd 8
X Furor teutonicus Ulfilas Gothus V C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus 1st 1/4 fin., 3rd 7
XI Aprilis Iulius Sabinus Crassus T. R T. Iulius Sabinus Crassus 2nd 1/4 fin., 3rd 6
XII Ala rubra Ursus R L. Livia Plauta 3rd 1/4 fin., 3rd 5
XIII Lusitana Ducaliter R C. Cocceius Spinula 4th 1/4 fin., 4th 4
XIV Sagitta carthaginensis Azrubal P M. Hortensia Maior 1st 1/4 fin., 4th 3
XV Faolchú Dubh Barinthus V M. Martianius Lupus 2nd 1/4 fin., 3rd 2
XVI Tres Furiae Lepidus V C. Equitius Cato 3rd 1/4 fin., 4th 1

Here below is the table of the Factiones contest. The amount of points is the cumulated one of all points obtained by every member of the relative factio. Even if a factio can be luckier than another, or despite the bright results obtained by one of its members, the points difference shows at the same time the larger membership of a factio, and its regular assiduity in the games.

Series II: Factiones 2010/2763 Ranking

Rank Factio Dominus factionis Factio tot. pts
I ALBATA Gn. Equitius Marinus 42
II VENETA M. Valeria Messallina 38
III RUSSATA Cn. Cornelius Lentulus 32
IV PRAESINA G. Aurelia Falco Silvana 24

Points ranking system

  • The rules concerning the calculation of the points have been modified in 2761 auc in three directions:
    • the more a contest has fighters, the more everyone get points;
    • the winner gets "n" points, "n" being the number of competitors, and the following entrants "n-1", "n-2", etc. to 1 for the last one;

We have thus now a more precise ranking, which also expresses the efforts made by the owners for this special year.

== AWARDS 2763 ==


Coronae Circi Novae Romae
Awarded for 1st Place in both the Individual and Factio Series of the annual Ludi Championship.
Award consists of a 2 1/2" cast gold medal with neck ribbon (1 1/2" x 30") in the color of the Victor's factio.

Top aurigae from past championships

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