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There may be a misconception that Latin is a dead language, as dead as the Roman virtues or the culture it conveyed; but we know it doesn't have to be like that, not for the virtues, not for the culture, not for the language. Latin was the living language of our Roman forefathers, and it is a language like all others, that can be learned in a leisurely way and spoken in all situations of everyday life. Nova Roma wants progressively but seriously to promote this usage of Latin among its citizens.

There is a Sodalitas consecrated to the promotion of Latin in Nova Roma, the Sodalitas "Latinitas".

The citizen of Nova Roma can also find other ways of putting Latin into practice through the Internet:

Grex Latine Loquentium, the greatest e-mail list for living Latin, where Latin is the only language allowed, and one can read the best Latin speakers the world over, and exchange messages with them.

Nuntii Latini, current news in Latin, that can be read or even directly listened to.

Ephemeris, online news, completely written in Latin and including numerous sections.

In the real world, the Societas Circulorum Latinorum is a worldwide federation of Latin Circles, informal gatherings of people who meet locally to speak the language. One of the founders of the society has reassured us that everyone is welcome to join their local group —or found one if there is no one close enough— and Nova Roma officially encourages all her citizens to do so in order to practice the language of our forefathers with experienced people. All levels are accepted. Please contact the society to find out about your closest Latin Circle.

There are also loads of summer seminars where Latin is the only language spoken. The Septimanæ Latinæ Europææ, for instance, include Roman cooking and feasting. A very complete list of such seminars all over the world, updated every year, can be found in the pages of the association LVPA.

Nova Roman citizens, as the rightful depositaries of the Roman culture, are most welcome and encouraged to attend such circles and seminars.


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