Lex Petronia de libertate eligendorum apparitorum tribuniciorum (Nova Roma)

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This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by comitia plebis tributa
Yes: 15 No: 3 Abs.: 0
a.d. IV Kal. Mar. Sex. Lucilio (II) A. Tullia (II) cos. MMDCCLXXV a.u.c.

I. The tribunes of the plebs are free to appoint citizens as their apparitores regardless of their gentilician genus, whether patrician or plebeian.

II. The special powers of the tribuni plebis are not transferable to their appointed assistants. Apparitors or any assistants of the tribunes may be mandated to execute the administrative orders of the tribunes, within the tribunicia potestas.

III. The lex Arminia de ministris tribunorum is hereby rescinded.

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