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This lex has been REPEALED.

Approved by Comitia populi tributa
Yes: 26 No: 8 Abs.: 1
prid. Kal. Iun. K. Buteone T. Labieno cos. MMDCCLVI a.u.c.

The Lex Cornelia de censu is hereby superseded by this Lex Fabia de Censu.

Pursuant to the Constitution of Nova Roma (II.A. 4 and IV.A.1.b) the following law is hereby enacted to determine accurately the number of citizens who make up Nova Roma.

I. A Census of all citizens of Nova Roma should be done every two (2) years. This will be the responsibility of the Censors.

II. The Nova Roma Census will last for a period of sixteen (16) weeks, and must be completed by Pridie Kal. Novembres (the 31st of October). The start and end of the Census period will be announced by the Censors on the NR website, official lists, and in the major fora. The official lists are currently located at nova-roma@yahoogroups.com and NovaRoma-Announce@yahoo.com. Notification must also be published on the Nova Roma Message board. The Censors shall also ask the Governors to announce the Census period on the provincial level.

III. The Census will consist of the following:

A.Those who meet any of the following criteria will still be considered citizens:

1. Those who voted in the main election (in November and/or December).

2. Those who have paid taxes for the current calendar year.

3. Patresfamiliarum who have successfully responded to the yearly registration of the Lex Cornelia de Tabulis Gentium Novaromanarum Agendis.

4. Persons who became citizens during the current calendar year.

5. Persons who have been successfully contacted as described in section IV.

B. Inactive citizens are those citizens who fail to meet at least one of the conditions in IV A.

1.The following will establish some of the procedures for contacting inactive citizens. Inactive citizens are those who will have to be contacted by the National Census.

2. The following methods will be used to contact inactive citizens:

a. Bulk E-mail. At least two attempts should be done to contact citizens by this means.

b. Surface mail. "Inactive" citizens who are unreachable by e-mail shall receive a mailing.

1)This shall be done on the provincial level by Governors and legati under the supervision of the Censors.

2) In those Provinciae where there is no Governor and in those areas not yet included in a Provincia, the Censors shall ask a Governor of the nearest possible Provincia to the residence of that inactive citizen to do this.

3) If this is not possible, it shall be done by the Censors.

4) Surface mail information should be forwarded to whatever official Nova Roman address that is specified by the Censors. Surface mail information must reach the Censors before Pridie Kal. Novembres (the 31st of October). The Current Official address of all Nova Roman Mail correspondence is:

Nova Roma P.O. Box 1897 Wells, ME 04090

At the time of the passage of this lex, the above address is the official address; if the official address changes in the future, the new address should be utilized.

c. Phone calls. If a Citizen is unreachable by e-mail or surface mail, he/she shall be contacted by telephone. This shall be done on the provincial level by Governors and legati under the supervision of the Censors. In those Provinciae where there is no Governor and in those areas not yet included in a Provincia, this shall be optional, and it can be done by the Governor of the nearest possible Provincia to the residence of the "inactive" citizen upon request of the Censors, or by a Censor himself.

d. A temporary banner and link will be put on the main Nova Roma website for the duration of the Census where individual citizens may input their information to comply with the Census. Further, the Censors shall recommend such a banner and link to be put on any other Nova Roman website (Provinces, Magistrates, Sodalitates).

IV. All communicated information pertaining to the Census shall be noted in a database on the Nova Roma Website, the address of which will be specified by the Censores at the beginning of the Registration Period. Citizen information may be entered into this database by the Censores, their appointed assistants, or by the individual citizens.

V. By Pridie Kal. Octobres (the 30th of September), the Censors should post a list to the official e-mail lists of Nova Roma displaying the names of those citizens who have failed to respond.

VI. If a citizen fails to respond to the contact attempts, that person will be considered a "Socius" (Ally), but not a citizen. If he/she is a Pater/Materfamilias, he/she shall lose this position immediately and the Censors will abide by the Constitution, any laws, and any Censorial edict if the appointment of a Paterfamilias is necessary. However, the Censors have the discretion to waive this clause if both Censors feel there are legitimate reasons for the citizen to remain incommunicado.

VII. If a citizen knows of an extended period of unavailability that will coincide with the census, he may contact the Censors up to three (3) months before the census is to begin to inform them of his active status and his desire to be counted in the census. Such contact will be considered by the Censors as having fulfilled the citizen's duty to reply during the census period. Proxies are not permitted during the National Census effort.

VIII. At any time, a Socius may contact the Censores and ask to regain his/her Citizenship, which will then be granted unless there are compelling reasons otherwise.

IX. In the Album Civium it shall be clearly indicated whether an individual is a Civis (citizen) or a Socius.

X. At the end of the National Census, postage or telephone expenses incurred by the magistrate will be reimbursed by either a monetary payment or a tax credit. All such payments or credits shall be disbursed in exchange for receipts, receipt copies and bills (if it is not possible to obtain receipts) and must be approved by the Senate.

It will be up to the Censors to choose which of these two methods to follow to compensate the other involved magistrates in the most economical fashion. Furthermore, it will be up to the Senate to authorize payout.

It shall be up to the Senate to choose which of these two methods to follow to compensate the Censors in the most economical fashion.

XI. A budget shall be allocated by the Senate to meet expenses to compensate magistrates involved in the Census.

XII. The First Census will take place during the Consulship of Caeso Fabius Quintilianus and Titus Labienus Fortunatus (2756 AUC).

Section headers in double parentheses are unofficial and have been inserted for convenience.

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