Lex Cornelia de tempore publico constituendo (Nova Roma)

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Tabularium of Nova Roma

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This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by comitia centuriata
Yes: 21 No: 2 Abs.: 0
a.d. XIV Kal. Nov. L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c.

This law is enacted in order to provide Nova Roma with a standard time that all of its citizens may refer to, regardless of location in the world.

"For all purposes, the time in Rome shall be regarded as the official time of Nova Roma: official purposes that require the use of this standard time include but are not limited to, the time at which voting in one of the comitia begins and ends, the time at which a newly appointed magistrate officially acquires his/her office, and the time at which a magisterial edict takes effect. Magistrates are advised to use official Nova Roman time in all official announcements."

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