Lex Arminia de ratione edictorum (Nova Roma)

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This lex has been REPEALED.

Approved by comitia populi tributa
Yes: 32 No: 3 Abs.: 0
a.d. VIII Kal. Dec. M. Octavio L. Sulla (II) cos. MMDCCLV a.u.c.

The purpose of this law is to determine the validity of the edicts of Novaroman magistrates.

I. This lex is valid only for those magistrates defined in the Article IV.A. of the Constitution, that is, the magistratus ordinarii.

II. An edict of a magistrate is valid only until the end of the year when that edict was issued. This includes the term of office of a scribe or assistant, which ends with to the term of office of the same magistrate.

III. An edict can be revalidated in the year following by a successor magistrate by means of another edict announcing which of the edicts will stand.

IV. When the names of the new magistrates are known after the annual elections, the Praetores will have four nundina (25 days) to present the valid edicts issued by the magistrates to the new magistrates.

V. After these four nundina, and with the new magistrates in office, the edicts not endorsed will be revoked.

VI. This law will be valid only after the next year, that is, 2756 AUC or 2003 CE.

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