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Gens Agoria at Nova Roma

Gens Agoria was revived as a Gens name available to citizens of Nova Roma in 2002 by Galus Agorius Taurinus. While researching details of the historical struggle between Christianity and Roman Pagans, he came across a reference to Praetextatus in Pierre Chuvin's book "A Chronicle of the Last Pagans".

GENS AGORIA is a Gens of Nova Romanamed after Vettius Agorius Praetextatus, an important fourth-century Roman imperial official and "leader of the pagans in the Senate, a devout adherent of traditional religion".(1) Praetextatus was proconsul of Achaea in 362 under the philhellenic pagan Emperor Julian the 'Apostate', a particular honour. Praetextatus was prefect of Rome in 367 under the Emperor Valentinian, when Christian factions were disputing the papacy. During this period he restored the Portico of the Twelve Gods with its statues in the Roman Forum. He was prefect of the Praetorian guard when he died in 384, and consul elect for 385, the year of his wife's death.

But this Gens is unhistorical and invented because Vettius Agorius Praetextatus belonged to the Gens Vettia.

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