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This article is from the Nova Roma publication "Aquila".

From the Rostra: Political News and Views of Nova Roma

Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus

As most of you know, Nova Roma has seen its share of controversy in recent months as well as political change. After the sudden resignation of Flavius Vedius Germanicus as censor in March, an election was held to replace him. Two candidates presented themselves. The first was former rogator, Senator Gaius Marius Merullus. The second was current plebeian aedile Marcus Octavius Germanicus. Marcus Octavius has in recent months ably served the Republic, assisting with the website and citizen database. Gaius Marius has long been a productive citizen. He served as rogator during the consulship of Palladius and Sulla and was appointed to the Senate because of the excellence of his work in that role.

While Marcus Octavius has admittedly done excellent work, he is a relative newcomer to Nova Roma. Merullus was a known political commodity who had been involved in Nova Roma far longer. For such a long-term position as censor (the term of office is two years), the voters decided to go with the candidate who had shown the longest commitment to Nova Roma and who possessed a driving interest and knowledge in the political affairs of the Republic.

After the resignation of Flavius Vedius, a controversy arose over the status of "transgendered" citizens and the use of masculine and feminine names by members of the opposite [configuration]. A citizen, Lucia Maria Fimbria, applied to Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, the sole remaining censor, to have her name officially changed to her chatroom alias, Lucius Marius Fimbria. Her request was denied. Sulla Felix's decision to deny his close friend this request was not an easy one. It was based on many factors, including the precedent set by the previous censors, namely myself and Flavius Vedius Germanicus. In response to an existing lack of procedure in this area, Sulla Felix issued an edict establishing guidelines for the use of masculine and feminine names, an edict that has caused a furor in some quarters of Nova Roma.

In the next issue of The Eagle, an article on this subject by Censor Sulla Felix will be the centerpiece of the issue. This column will also deal primarily with that topic as well since Sulla Felix based his decision in large part on mine and Germanicus' previous actions as censors. I will discuss our role in these events to help people understand the steps that [...]

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