Election MMDCCLXII (Nova Roma)/Titus Iulius Sabinus

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Titus Iulius Sabinus

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I come today in front of you, wearing toga candida, to announce my candidacy for censura.

I meet the consular edict requirements: I’m 43 years old, assidui and during the time I held various Nova Roma magistrate positions.

I live in the Nova Roman province of Dacia, the modern Romania, and, my family is composed of my wife A. Arria Carina and my son T. Iulius Sabinus Crassus. Together we represent an honorable roman family from the Roman Limes.

In Nova Roma I adopted a moderate position based of common sense and directed to real achievements through a step by step policy. I’m not radical or partisan and I believe in that collaboration based of the mutual respect as the only way to succeed in common goals and Nova Roma’s current and future plans development.

My principles of life consist in maintaining the necessary equilibrium in all what I do. I follow and I will follow them in the future, respecting all involved in our community daily life, as time I consider anyone opinion as a possible and potential contribution to progress.

I’m dedicated to the Roman Religion and, generally speaking, I consider religion as a way of life, one from many other ways, able to help each of us to discover the best from ourselves and the best of others, in our common effort to define better the sense of the human race.

The censor represents both, political and administrative position. It is that position where the imperium is substitute by respect and authority, an authority developed in time and based of personal example. From when I joined to Nova Roma, the personal example was a priority for me in any group or cohort where I worked and I tried all my best to fulfill my duties with honor and in proper time, having as major interest the general interest of Nova Roma.

In my opinion the censor is a guarantor of morality and health of the Republic, preserving through wisdom and allowed legal actions an adequate balance among people, magistrates, parties or forces. If elected censor, be sure quirites that I will follow that direction without hesitations and influences.

With respect I ask for your vote in the upcoming elections.

May the Gods bless us!



T. Iulius Sabinus

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