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MARIA GENS, plebeian. The name of Ma­rius was not of unfrequent occurrence in the towns of Italy: thus, we find as early as the second Punic war a Marius Blosius and a Marius Alfius at Capua (Liv. xxiii. 7,35), and a Marius at Praeneste (Sil. Ital. ix. 401). But no Roman of this name is mentioned till the celebrated C. Marius, the conqueror of the Cimbri and Teutones, who may be regarded as the founder of the gens. It was never divided into any families, though in course of time, more especially under the emperors, several of the Marii assumed surnames. On coins we find the cognomens Capita and Trogus,but who they were is quite uncertain.

Source Smith

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