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COMINIA GENS, plebeian. If Postumus or Postimiius Cominius Auruncus, consul in b. c. 501, belonged to this gens, it must have been patrician originally; but it is probable that he was a memĀ­ber of the Postumia gens, as Valerius Maximus (de Nom. Rat.} mentions him as an instance in which the praenomens and cognomens are conĀ­founded in the consular Fasti. Cominius also occurs as a cognomen of the Pontii. None of the members of the Cominia gens obtained any of the higher offices of the state.

Source Smith


The most commonly used praenomen among members of this gens in ancient times was Titus.

There have not yet been any members of this gens in Nova Roma.

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