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CLAUDIA GENS, patrician and plebeian. The patrician Claudii were of Sabine origin, and came to Rome in b. c. 5Q4, when they were receiv­ed among the patricians. The patrician Claudii bear various surnames, as Caecus, Caudex, Centho, Crassus, Pulcher, Regillensis and Sabinus, the two latter of which, though applicable to all of the gens, were seldom used, when there was also a more definite cognomen.

The surnames of the plebeian Claudii are Asellus, Canina, Centumalus, Cicero, Flamen, and marcellus, of which the last is by far the most celebrated.

The patrician Claudii were noted for their pride and arrogance, and intense hatred of the com­ monalty. " That house during the course of cen­ turies produced several very eminent, few great men ; hardly a single noble-minded one. In all ages it distinguished itself alike by a spirit1 of haughty defiance, by disdain for the laws, and iron hardness of heart." (Niebuhr, vol. i. p. 599.) The praenomen Lucius was avoided after two of that name had dishonoured it, the one by robbery, the other by murder. (Sueton. Tib. ].) The honours and public offices borne by members of this gens are enumerated by Suetonius. (/. c.) During the republic no patrician Claudius adopted one of another gens: the emperor Claudius was the first who broke through this custom by adopt­ ing L. Domitius Ahenobarbus, afterwards the emperor Nero. (Suet. Claud. 39 ; Tac. Ann. xii. 25.) [C. P. M.]


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were:

Used by the Claudii Crassi, Sabini, and Inregillenses:
Appius, Gaius, Publius.
Used by the Claudii Centhones:
Appius, Gaius.
Used by the Claudii Nerones:
Appius, Gaius, Publius, Tiberius.
Used by the Claudii Marcelli:
Gaius, Marcus.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Gaius, Marcus, Tiberius, Appius, and Lucius. The praenomina Spurius, Manius, and Vibius have not been used by the Claudii in the modern era.

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