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AURELIA GENS, plebeian, of which the family names, under the republic, are Cotta, Orestes, and Scaurus. On coins we find the cognomens Cotta and Scaurus, and perhaps Rufus (Eckhel, v. p. 147), the last of which is not menĀ­tioned by historians. The first member of the gens who obtained the consulship was C. Aurelius Cotta in b. c. 252, from which time the Aurelii become distinguished in history down to the end of the republic. Under the early emperors, we find an Aurelian family of the name of Fulvus, from which the Roman emperor Antoninus was descended, whose name originally was T. Aurelius Fulvus.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Gaius, Lucius, and Marcus.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Gaius, Lucius, Marcus, and Titus. The praenomina Spurius, Servius, Appius, Numerius, and Vibius have not been used by the Aurelii in the modern era.

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