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The Gens Aebutia contained two families, the names of which are Carus and Elva. The for­mer was plebeian, tha latter patrician; but the gens was originally patrician. Cornicen does not seem to have been a family-name, but only a sur­name given to Postumus Aebutius Elva, who was consul in b. c. 442. This gens was distinguished in the early ages, but from the time of the above-mentioned Aebutius Elva, no patrician member of it held any ciirale office till the praetorship of M. Aebutius Elva in b. c. 1 76.

It is doubtful to which of the family P. Aebutius belonged, who disclosed to the consul the existence of the Bacchanalia at Rome, and was rewarded by the senate in consequence, b. c. 186. (Liv. xxxix. 9, 11, 19.)

This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology by William Smith (1867).


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Lucius, Marcus, and Titus.

There have not yet been any members of this gens in Nova Roma.

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