Foreign Relations

Nova Roma welcomes diplomatic overtures from serious-minded micronations (such contacts should either be posted on the public Message Board or privately emailed to the Consuls). Because we are completely serious in our intention to someday possess territory for our new Forum, we are not inclined to formally associate with those micronations that employ imaginary geography, fictional histories, or other "role-playing" elements. We will, of course, maintain friendly and polite informal contacts with all members of the micronational community who do so as well. Nova Roma's official policy regarding relations with micronations is as follows:

"Nova Roma is pleased to open dialogues with all Micronations and private Citizens of Nova Roma are free to deal with citizens of other micronations as they see fit. However, as we have real-world goals, we shall offer official recognition and engage in formal diplomatic relations only with those Micronations which are serious Sovereignty projects. This standard shall also be applied to participation in intermicronational organizations and treaty conventions."

There are two levels of formal diplomatic contact that Nova Roma maintains with other nations; official recognition and status as a Friend and Ally. The Senate ultimately makes the decision as to which nations are recognized and which receive status as Friends and Allies.

If you wish to learn more about micronations, see Flavius Vedius Germanicus' Micronations Page, with information and Web links.

Officially Recognized Nations

Sovereign Principality of Corvinia

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Formally recognized Nova Roma VIII Kal. Ivn. MMDCCLI a.u.c. (5/24/98).

Formally recognized by Nova Roma VI Kal. Ivn. MMDCCLI a.u.c. (5/26/98).

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