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"Aquila" Editorship

Citizens of Nova Roma;

For those who may have an interest, I approach you with the following announcement. For the last two years I have been the Editor of "Aquila:, your Nova Roma Newsletter. During that time I have enjoyed immensely serving as the Magistrate in that position, and as always you have my thanks for your vote placing me in that position. During the last two
years significant changes have been made in "Aquila," through your support and approval, and for that I must thankyou most effusively.

However, also over the last two years, "Aquila" has in many ways evolved from your newsletter to "my" newsletter in which by far, most of the articles submitted for your enjoyment are written by myself. I feel that this is unsatisfactory, in that the Citizens of Nova Roma deserve a much more generous view of ancient Rome than the views of only one or two persons.

It is therefore my intention not to run for a third year as the Editor of "Aquila." I am announcing my intentions at this time, in order to provide plenty of time for my potential successors to announce their


It is my intention to remain as the Asst. Editor of the "Roman Times Quarterly" if Senator Quintillianus (The Chief Editor) is agreeable. I also intend to remain the Eftor of "Pilum" the military quarterly for
Sodalitas Militarium, and within the Province of Nova Britannia, if approved as the ProConsul of said province for another year, the Nova Britannia Quarterly Editor.

The reasons for my decision are several, but foremost among them is that I wish to devote more time and effort to the Sodalitas Militarium and
Egressus, and to the various additional Sodalitas / websites to which I belong (Philosophy, Virtues, Geography. Musarium, Legio VI, Cohort II, Century II, and the Dacian weblist).

In closing, you again have my thanks for the opportunity that I have enjoyed as being your newsletter editor, and in the future I hope to be
invited to continue to publish the on-going stories that I have been working on in next year's newsletter.

My thanks for your very kind consideration and attention to this missive.

Very Respectfully;

Marcus Minucius-Tiberius Audens


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Marcus Minucius-Tiberius Audens
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Marcus Philippus Conservatus and Franciscus Apulus Caesar

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