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Ancient Roman Travel Series

Australian author Tony Perrottet on retracing what may be the world's oldest grand tour — a multiyear Mediterranean itinerary originated by the ancients.

Nearly two millennia ago, Roman scholars, families, emperors, and a few well-heeled women kick-started what is now considered the world's largest industry — travel. Tourism was born in part because Augustus had rid the Mediterranean of pirates, highways were safe for travel, and inns and guides could be found throughout the ancient world's wonders — all of which made the exploration of Italy, Greece, Asia Minor (now Turkey), and Egypt possible for the first time ever.

NGA: What was it like to walk in the footsteps of these ancient tourists?
Initially I was shocked at the sheer whirlwind of tourism the Mediterranean has become. I went to Pompeii — where millions of people go every year — and it was incredible. I was thinking, Wow, I'm never going to be able to penetrate beyond this chaos.

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