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I arrived at the Webster Military Timeline Event on Sunday in mid-morning with my driver and pack train. The Legio III "Cyrenaica" milles were aleady on-site, with tents and displays already set up. I quickly added my small number of elements to the display, which included a papyrus map of the Eastern Roman Empire, models of a signal /survey tower, a pontoon bridge, and a "pier" bridge, and some miscellaneus weapons both real and practice.

Due to the one day at the event, I did not set up my field office as usual, but rather enjoyed the shelter of the Optio's tent and fly. My thanks to the Legion III Optio for his very kind hospitality and initation to this event.

Once set up, I took a young member of the Auxila, and two slings, and took them down to the pond to practice. Our pratice session was not all that successful, and after about an hour returned to the Legio camp.

Towards the end of the day as the area cleaed of other reenactors, the Legionaies and Auxila practiced with spears and Pilums. The Legio's new Auxila Scout produced his sling which was of a different design, and looked to be more efficient and better constructed. He generously offered the new sling for practice and the results were excellent, far
better than before at the pond. So much so, that I have determined to build another sling along the same design.

In the mid-afternoon, we were about the only remaining unit on the hill, so with the lack of spectators, and the practice with spear and pilum
over, we began to break camp. My pac train and driver arriving at the appointed time. We packed the camp and departed shortly thereafter.

Again my thanks to the Optio of Legio III "Cyrenaica" for his kind invitation and kinder hospitality. It was much appreciated.

Legio III suggestions discussed at the event:

  • Expansion of the "milles Immunes" part of the legio, with their
    particular skills displayed;
  • Pursuit of the slingers and archers and their equipment / weapons /
    dress as part of the Auxila;

"Roma Victrix!!!"

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