Titus Iulius Sabinus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Titus Iulius Sabinus



I come in front of you to announce my candidacy for Quaestor. I served this year as Curule Aedile, accensus of Consul Pompeia Minucia Strabo and scribe of Praetor Tiberius Galerius Paulinus. I tried to do the best and to fulfill my duties with good results. In my life I'm business owner and the quaestor job is not something new for me, as time as, I do that for my company for many years. In my opinion a Quaestor don't represent only a person with financial duties, even if historical this is the truth. In Cohorts or offices, the Quaestor can participate to all Cohorts activities.

With respect, I want to please you to give me your trust and to vote me.



Between justice and common sense is a powerful connection. We can't talk about justice without common sense and about common sense without justice. The justice is in fact a representation for the other one opinion and belief respect. The common sense represent the proper way through by, the justice, can be put in practice. The both are a sum of the roman virtues and a representation of the roman way.

I'm Nova Roma citizen from two years. Near you all, I found the necessaries resources to honor the civilization and roman culture. Your personal example and dedication represented and represent a continuous source of inspiration for me. I want to thank you for that. But in the same time these determinate me, to find new ways and modalities to be to the same level of performance. This is, and will be, a continuous objective in my life. The materialization of these words is my work, during the time, as:

The evolution has its own sense. In our specific case, we can name it Cursus Honorum, without making a mistake. I started my Cursus Honorum last year. With every step I have made,I tried to fulfill my duties with honesty, sincerity and good work. All of these with respect for our Gods and our Ancestors. I want to continue in the same way, dedicating my time and energy to our community.

For that, I, Iulius Sabinus, with respect, come in front of you, to announce my candidacy for Praetor.

My objectives are in concordance with what I presented, and more, I wish to assure our community members about my impartiality. As Praetor, I will try to give to this office a more active and practical sense, participating to the effective life of our community, applying fair the laws, organizing the religious events and developing the Forum discussions.

Thank you for patience and my thanks in advance for support.



Justice and common sense !

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