Sodalitas pro diis (Nova Roma)

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Sodalitas pro diis
prid. Kal. Oct. M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.

This sodalitas is devoted to the eternal Roman Gods

Praetor-logo.png This Sodalitas is suspended by authority of the Senate, pending consular investigation into breaches of its charter. Make no changes.


Senatus consultum - Suspension of activity - Sodalitas proDIIS

1. The governing authority (Collegium) of proDIIS and Sodalitas proDIIS is instructed to forthwith terminate all activity other than that necessary to fulfill the requirements of this Senatus Consultum and is specifically forbidden to engage in any further fund raising activity.

2. The governing authority (Collegium) of proDIIS is instructed to prepare a full accounting of all assets, donations or payments of monies received together any other income and all expenditures from December 3rd 2262 onwards, together with a full list of any and all bank accounts, PayPal accounts, or any other account used for the collection, storage or distribution of money that it has raised or otherwise acquired.

3. The governing authority (Collegium) of proDIIS will remit the full accounting required at (2) above to the Consuls of Nova Roma within 30 (thirty) days of the passing of this Senatus Consultum

4. The Consuls shall by consular edictum specify the form that accounting and provision of information as required at (2) shall take and may amend that form by subsequent edicta, as well as further define by consular edictum details of any other items, information or action required that they deem necessary to provide full and comprehensive disclosure by proDIIS of its activities.

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