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Sodalitas pro diis
prid. Kal. Oct. M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.

This sodalitas is devoted to the eternal Roman Gods

Praetor-logo.png This Sodalitas is suspended by authority of the Senate, pending consular investigation into breaches of its charter. Make no changes.

Formation of this sodalitas was announced on the main list prid. Kal. Oct. M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c. in message 57817.

Official Forum (Mailing List):

The founders of the sodalitas Pro Diis A Temple for the Gods in Rome.

Given by our hands, XIX Kalendas, Septembres M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI A U C.

Per the Lex Cassia de creatione sodalitatum, any group of citizens may petition the Senate to create a sodalitas. The group should form itself informally and operate for six months. After that the Senate will consider recognizing it.

  • A proposal for a project plan
  • A Charter for the sodalitas
  • A mail list for discussions has been created
  • A website for the sodalitas is currently under construction

Regional coordinators will promote the project sodalitas pro DIIS in their home contries/regions

The construction of a Roman Temple today, is first of all a civic duty, a materialization of our Values. FROM ideas expressed in Internet via flow of Megabyte,TO marble, stones, columns, to follow our Roman ancestors .

A Nova Roman Temple in Rome will be our place to meet, to discuss, to feel at home. And for our Roman State will be a preferred place to perform the State rituals required in our calendar.

We would like to ask all interested citizens to join, support and to unite for this great, important project. This project will give to all citizens and amici of Nova Roma the opportunity to help to create and build a temple for the eternal Gods of Rome.

All cives and amici (friends) of Nova Roma are invited to join the sodalitas by making an application to the Collegium of the sodalitas, by providing their Citizen Name, their provincia, and their contact email address.


(Version 1.3)


It is more than 1600 years that public worship of Roman Gods had been forbidden by Theodosius I in 1144 AVC (391-392 CE). It is time for us to pay our debts to Immortal Gods of our people. The Gods that were protecting us, granting us strength, wisdom and fortune. The Gods that made us Romans.

It is time for us to invite Immortal Gods back to Rome and to give Them Their Place – The Temple. The long-term intent of this Sodalitas is to provide a temple to the Gods for the public worship of the Roman Gods in Rome. But as a short-term goal we will have several tasks not so fantastically difficult to achieve. Building the Temple of Iuppiter in Sarmatia for example.

Rome is the VRBS, it is the place to honor the Gods and it will ensure the rebirth of Romanitas thus benefiting Nova Roma as a whole.

This Sodalitas is devoted to restoration of the Temple for Eternal Roman Gods . INTENT

A. The main goal of the Sodalitas is to provide a temple to the Gods for the public worship. Either via retrocession of an existing temple and/or creation of a temple for the Gods in Rome .

B. As a short-term goals Sodalitas will have several tasks not so difficult to achieve. Building the Temple of Iuppiter in Sarmatia for example.

C. Secondary goals of our Sodalitas are: promoting Religio Romana, establishing person-to-person contact of cives of Nova Roma and with other organizations of related interests.

The aim is as well to work closely with any groups in and outside of Nova Roma willing to support us and come to an official agreement with them .

D. The Sodalitas provides the web-site and forum for communication and exchange of information between the cives of Nova Roma who support the project, and to the benefit of the general population of Nova Roma.

E. We would like to make creation of religious center as one of Nova Roma's top priorities, and nowhere would be better than in Roma itself.


A. Membership of the Sodalitas shall be free and open to all of Nova Roma cives. However the Collegium reserves the right to deny membership for reason. Reasons could be for example: blasphemy, disrespect for Religio Romana, etc. B.The Sodalitas will be open for suggestions and ideas and will welcome those willing to devote their time and strength to the project.

C. Non-cives of Nova Roma may apply for and receive membership in the Sodalitas. They shall be considered Amici/Amicae (Friends of the Sodalitas) and have full rights of voting and participation, except that they may not become elected members of the Collegium. D. Whoever decides to leave the Sodalitas shall cease to be a member.


A. The executive body of Sodalitas Pro Diis is Collegium. B. The Sodalitas shall elect each year three of its members , who are also Nova Roman citizens, to serve as Collegium (and act as executives of the Sodalitas) for organizing the internal and external affairs of the Sodalitas. They shall be elected by the whole membership of the Sodalitas at the initial elections of the Sodalitas and subsequently in September of each year, to serve until the day before the Kalends of October of the following year.

During the elections each member of the Sodalitas shall have one vote in the poll. In every election, 3 Collegium members will be elected. The 3 candidates who have received the most votes shall be the elected.

C. The Collegium shall be responsible for the general administration of the Sodalitas. D. The Collegium is free to set up internal and external affairs of Sodalitas as needed.

E. The Collegium members shall exercise their powers collegially.

F. The Collegium members may divide their duties between themselves at their discretion. G. The Collegium shall have the power to appoint officers to perform specified tasks like a scriba, a webmaster, a curatis sermonis (list moderator). H . The Collegium shall serve for a normal term of one year ending on the day preceding the Kalends of October and may run for the same office again indefinitely.

I. The Collegium must submit a written report of its activities, accomplishments and the financial situation to the sodalitas members at least once per year. K. The Collegium shall maintain an up-to-date copy of this charter and of all the praescripta of the Sodalitas.

L. The Collegium shall have the power, - to put proposals to the vote of the whole Sodalitas,

- to moderate the official forum of the Sodalitas,

- to act on behalf of the Sodalitas in relations with the constitutional organs of Nova Roma and other outside persons and groups.


A. By a majority of two-thirds of the votes of the total membership of the Sodalitas, including the Amici/Amicae,

this Charter may be amended, praescripta supplementary to the charter may be created, and projects to further the goal of the Sodalitas may be set up.

B. The members shall be given an opportunity to discuss any proposal before voting shall begin. C. Each member shall have only one vote on each proposal, and each vote shall have equal value.

The Sodalitas shall come into existence when this Regula is approved by a majority vote of the membership in a ballot.

Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus , Censor

Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus , Maior Consul

Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, Princeps Senatus

Marcus Iulius Severus , Praetor

Marcus Octavius Corvus, Legatus Pro Praetore Provincia Sarmatia

Gaius Marius Lupus, civis provincia Germania

Lucius Iulius Regulus, civis provincia Mediatlantica

Titus Flavius Aquila , Tribunus Plebis Nova Roma

The founders of the Sodalitas Pro Diis A Temple for the Gods in Rome.

Given by our hands, XIX Kalendas , Septembres M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI A U C.


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