Senatus consultum ultimum de re publica et corporatione unificanda (Nova Roma)

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This senatus consultum is currently IN FORCE.

Passed by the Senate of Nova Roma
Yes: 11 No: 0 Abs.: 1
a.d. V Kal. Ian. Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c.

I. As required by the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda, the Non-Corporate Senate, now one and the same as the Board of Directors, jointly declares the official recognition of the corporate government as lawful and legal under the laws of the republic.

II. By this declaration of recognition, all non-corporate institutions and offices immediately merge with the corporate institutions.

III. By the issuance of this senatus consultum ultimum, the non-corporate version of Nova Roma merges with the corporate, completely united with the corporation of Nova Roma, and the two forms of being, in all of their aspects, are made one, legally existing in the macronational reality as Nova Roma, Incorporated.

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