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The Provincia of Thule in Nova Roma comprises the modern nations of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.


About the Provincia


No legatus pro praetore

Geographical extent

The scandinavian peninsula, including Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as Denmark originally defined the borders of Provincia Thule. Once Icelandic citizens joined Nova Roma, Iceland was added as well.

Words from the administration

We are a growing provincia with a firm foundation in the academic community. The Academia Thules[1] , originally established under the aegis of the Provincia, now a separate entity, is an online school for those interested in learning more about roman history and culture.

The modern nordic states have a reputation as being friendly and cooperative, something we have embraced and make a part of our own policy whenever we can. We have established communications with several other provinciae, both nearby and distant.

Please visit our provincial website[2]

for more information.


  1. Academia Thules website
  2. Provincial website

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