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Nova Roma

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
legatus pro praetore
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Provincia Thule of Nova Roma comprises the modern nations of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The Scandinavian peninsula, including Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as Denmark originally defined the borders of Provincia Thule. Once Icelandic citizens joined Nova Roma, Iceland was added as well.

In the first decade of Nova Roma, Thule was a growing provincia with a firm foundation in the academic community. The Academia Thules, originally established by Nova Roma, later an independently working entity of Nova Roman citizens, was an online school for those interested in learning more about Roman history and culture.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, the temporary legatus pro praetore (governor) of Provincia Thule and dux of the Dioecesis of Europa Celtica et Germanica (Thule, Germania, Gallia and Britannia) has been chosen by the senate, due to his successful work in revitalizing other inactive subdivisions of Nova Roma, and has been given the task to establish a solid structure, administration and basic, functioning community for Thule. Currently, due to its inactivity, our Thule province is organizationally joined up with the provinces of Gallia, Britannia and Thule, and is part of the temporary umbrella unit the Dioecesis Europae Celticae et Germanicae, which was put under Cn. Lentulus' responsibility as its dux. His task is to do the same reorganization in these provinces, and to give them back to local leaders as soon as possible.

Ap. Curius Rullus, the scriba of the legatus pro praetore Cn. Lentulus, is currently assisting the Lentulus in the reorganization of our province in Thule. The modern Nordic states have a reputation as being friendly and cooperative, something we have embraced and make a part of our own policy whenever we can. The first Thulean administrations established brotherly cooperation with several other provinciae. After an inactive period of our province, we endeavor to build back the same, and even more! If you want to help revive Roman culture in Thule, please join our discussion forum and let's work together: we will learn a lot and become fellow citizens, and what's even more, Roman friends!

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This was our provincial website:

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