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Nova Roma

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
legatus pro praetore
CIV-Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus.jpg

Britannia provincia is a province of Nova Roma, covering the British Isles, Great Britain and Ireland, the macronational countries of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There was a separate province for Ireland, Provincia Hibernia, but it was disbanded due to inactivity and the territory was merged with Provincia Britannia. Hibernia can, at any time, become its own province again if the local citizens will reach the level of organization and activity that is needed for a province.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, the temporary legatus pro praetore (governor) of Provincia Britannia and dux of the Dioecesis of Europa Celtica et Germanica (Britannia, Gallia, Germania and Thule) has been chosen by the senate, due to his successful work in revitalizing other inactive subdivisions of Nova Roma, and has been given the task to put back Britannia to its feet. Currently, due to its inactivity, our Britannia province is organizationally joined up with the provinces of Gallia, Germania and Thule, and is part of the temporary umbrella unit the Dioecesis Europae Celticae et Germanicae, which was put under Cn. Lentulus' responsibility as its dux. His task is to do the same reorganization in these provinces, and to give them back to local leaders as soon as possible.

Britannia was one of the gems of Nova Roma some years ago, even an international grand convention of Nova Roma was organized here, and several smaller international conventions, consular meetings etc. We had an active Latin speaking community in London led by world class Latin activist, A. Gratius Avitus, our former citizen, and one of the best theoreticians of Nova Roma, A. Apollonius Cordus was also part of this province, making Britannia a center of the theory of Roman reconstructionism. We still have a number of citizens, some are reenactors, some are magistrates or former magistrates, so we have the talent and manpower in our hands. Let's make Britannia a center of Roman revivalism once again, and even more than before!

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