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State of the Province

As of a.d. XIII Kal. Feb. Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.:

  • the province comprises an area of 1,977,608 km², divided among six U.S. states
  • there are a total of forty-eight citizens, of which
    • one is a senator
    • three are sitting elected magistrates
    • two are members of the Quattour Summa Collegia

Of the six states component of the province, the citizenship and area is divided as follows:

  • Arizona: 13 (27%) (295,254 km²)
  • Colorado: 5 (10%) (269,837 km²)
  • New Mexico: 2 (4%) (315,194 km²)
  • Oklahoma: 3 (6%) (181,195 km²)
  • Texas: 21 (43%) (696,241 km²)
  • Utah: 4 (8%) (219,887 km²)

(Percentages are inexact due to rounding.)

Activities of the Province

Over the course of the year, the province has undertaken a number of things. The efforts have been aimed primarily at two things: community development, and community involvement. To the first end, action has been taken to prune any defunct parts of our infrastructure, namely in the way of the administrative dissolution of the Oppidum Fluminis Gilae. To the benefit of both ends, however, we have worked toward the development of a provincial calendar of festivals and observances; efforts there are intended to continue into the work of determining the ways in which our chosen festivals might be observed, and finally into the actual celebration and observation of those elements of our calendar.

In the place of the formal oppidum, two prefectures have been determined, based around our largest population centres. In using a less formal structure, we will be able to move more quickly into the business of developing individual communities across the province, while not being overburdened with bureaucratic requirements such as exist under the oppidum model. Accordingly, it is currently intended that, as our population may increase across the province, the continued use of the less formal structure will continue to allow further, unrestrained development, which may later evolve into use of the more formal models.

Nearing upon year-end, we also began the work of dividing the province into curiae, such as was done in the City, to allow for easier celebration of the festivals such as we have determined and will continue to do so. In addition to the prefectures previously mentioned, these smaller and less formal divisions of the province may further contribute to the development of each of the individual communities, the prefectures, and the overall provincial community, as well as the experience of individual citizens by allowing for even greater live, interpersonal interaction between individuals within appropriate proximities of each other, as the design is such that no curia shall be larger than sixty square kilometres.

We are furthermore in the process of establishing a provincial library, allowing for further development of the individual citizens of the province as well as working to further the mission of Nova Roma as an educational organisation. It is our hope that, in our own establishment and development of a provincial library, and working from successes we may have to assist in the establishment of similar libraries in other provinces, not only will we be able to see the simple establishment of these independent libraries, we will also be able to see the establishment of a system of provincial libraries, working to the benefit not only of the individual provinces but as well the benefit of the greater Roman community.

Lastly, in the year in review we began discussions on the work of establishing a provincial treasury. It remains our intention to continue in those discussions and to establish a provincial treasury for our province, to assist in the process of establishing (and testing) appropriate rules, regulations, oversight, and proper operation of such a treasury, and from that, to be instrumental in the establishment of the same for other provinces.

Provincial Budget

It was our intention to submit as a part of this report a provincial budget for the upcoming year. However, we are unable to develop a provincial budget at this time, as we have been unable to obtain from the elected quaestor such information as would be necessary to propose such. It was, and remains, our intention that such a budget would not exceed those revenues obtained from within the province in the payment of the annual tax for the year in review. Being unable, however, to submit such a budget as would have been desirable, it may at least be said that any activities of the province are currently planned to be funded by our own efforts within the province without contribution from the central treasury.

Goals and Intentions

With this request is the current governor's request to be prorogued into the coming year. If so permitted to continue into the coming year, we intend to work toward the following tangible and intangible goals:

  • To achieve a twenty-five percent level of participation, defined as having present at events held throughout the year throughout the province twenty-five percent of the registered citizens within the province.
  • To institute and maintain a mentorship program for new citizens within the province, such as existed within the province in the past.
  • To involve the families of the citizens, and to bring those individuals into Nova Roma.

Final Thoughts

There are many who have said we have entered a rebuilding-phase in Nova Roma. This province does not, at all, disagree, and is making, and will continue to make, efforts to that end.

Respectfully Submitted,

Quintus Caecilius Metellus Postumianus
Legatus pro praetore, Americae Austroccidentalis Provinciae
prid. Kal. Feb. Cn. Caesare C. Tullio cos. MMDCCLXV a.u.c.

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