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The "plebeian games": 4th - 17th November. For the ludi plebeii in Roma Antiqua see ludi plebeii

In Nova Roma, the plebeian games are conducted by the plebeian aediles, elected by the comitia populi tributa. The games usually feature a variety of activities in which citizens may partake, including literary and general knowledge contests and racing in Nova Roma's virtual circus.

Ludi Plebeii 2760 AUC program:

4th of November (pr.non.nov. C)[1]

  • Beginning of the Ludi Plebeii

5th of November (non.nov. F)

6th of November ( F, dies ater)

7th of November ( C)[2]

8th of November ( C, dies religiosus)

  • Mundus patet[3]

-DEADLINE: Last day to submit your work for Literary Contest!

-DEADLINE: Last day to send in participation to the Munera Gladiatoria!

9th of November ( C)

The Ludi Plebeii Literary Contest winner is L. Vitellius Triarius with his work Rupes Tarpeia. Congratulations for the winner and thanks for all participants!

10th of November ( C)

  • Munera Gladiatoria

-DEADLINE: Last day to submit your work to the Art Contest!

-DEADLINE: Last day to send in participation to the chariot races!

11th of November ( C)

12th of November ( C)

  • Chariot race: quarters

13th of November (id.nov. NP)

  • Feriae Jovi
  • Jovi epulum[4]

14th of November (a.d.XVIII.kal.dec. F, dies ater)

  • Equorum probatio[5]

15th of November (a.d.XVII.kal.dec. C)

  • Chariot race: semifinal

16th of November (a.d.XVI.kal.dec. C)

  • Chariot race: final

17th of November (a.d.XV.kal.dec. C)[6]

  • End of the Ludi Plebeii

More about Art Contest

More about Literary Contest

How to subscribe your fighters for arena

How to subscribe your chariot into race


  1. At the year of 220 BC C. Flamininus built a race-track into the Campus Martius (= Circus Flamininus), he was a radical plebeijan politician with great support from the plebs.
  2. This was the delivery day of Cicero's 1st speech against Catilina.
  3. This day the entrance to Mundus is open, the spirits of the deads can access our world. In the imperial era this was the birthday of emperor Nerva and Constantinus, and for them there was a 48 start chariot race in Circus Maximus.
  4. Banquet for Jupiter. In the imperial era there was a 30 start chariot race at Circus Maximus. At 13th of November 181 BC was consacrated temple for goddess Pietas in the future place of the theater of Marcellus, because Consul M´ Acilius Glabrio promised to to do so before the battle of Thermopylai in 191 BC, if he would win Antiochos. His son paid that promise and in the temple there was a golden statue of his father.
  5. A horse show, cavalry parade similar to Transvectio Equitum.
  6. In the imperial era this was the birthday of emperor Vespasianus, and there was chariot race at Circus Maximus 24 starts.

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