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Welcome to the Nova Roma Wiki - a free online encyclopedia of Roman and Nova Roman topics. The wiki now contains 3,154 articles and 2,358 files.

Who may edit

  • Only citizens of Nova Roma can edit articles here.
  • Please do not create an account or edit content if you have not yet been accepted as a Citizen of Nova Roma.
  • All accounts held by non-citizens will be deleted and content removed.
  • If you're not a citizen, you can learn about joining Nova Roma.

Guidelines for editing content

For translators.

Mailing list

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE please join the mailing list NRWiki @, and discuss what you'd like to work on; this way we can avoid duplication of effort. Some parts of the main site - particularly the Album Civium, Album Gentium, Album Senatorium, and related pages will *not* be wikified.

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