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Current Projects

Key Path Task Force

Key path task force emblem.png
"Key paths" are the main guideposts through our material. These documents are considered part of the Key Path:

Learn more ...

Publicity Material Task Force

NovaRoma:Publicity Material Learn more ...

Cultus Deorum Task Force

A multilingual project to improve the Cultus Deorum documents on this site. Now forming. Learn more ...
Welcome to the Nova Roma Wiki - a free online encyclopedia of Roman and Nova Roman topics. The wiki now contains 3,108 articles and 2,345 files. There are 78 articles in German, 239 articles in Spanish, 141 articles in French, 105 articles in Italian, 125 articles in Latin, 192 articles in Portuguese, 10 articles in Esperanto, 56 articles in Magyar, 54 articles in Romanian, 44 articles in Russian.

About this website

Who may edit

Only citizens of Nova Roma can edit articles here.

How to upload your photo

Read before you start

Mailing list 
If you would like to participate as a site editor, join the NRWiki mailing list at yahoogroups, and discuss what you would like to work on; this way we can avoid duplication of effort.

Please read these articles before you make any edits:

  • Wiki mores - customs and expectations for content on this site.
  • Article Names - how articles are named - a consistent scheme is necessary to avoid duplication and confusion.
  • Style Guide - style guide: issues of orthography.
  • Cite sources - how to cite your sources (books, websites, etc.).

Extensive help files for editors and translators are listed on the Help Files page.

Our various guidelines can be found at Category:Style Guide

Useful Resources

  • Some parts of the main site - particularly the Album Civium, Album Gentium, Album Senatorium, and related pages will *not* be wikified.
  • Nova Roma logos in varying sizes and colours are at Category:Nova Roma Logo
  • The site administrators can be found at NovaRoma:WikiMagisters
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