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This lex has been REPEALED.

Approved by Dictator
Yes: 7 No: 1 Abs.: 0
prid. Id. Sex. MMDCCLII

In accordance with paragraph II.E.1. of the Constitution of Nova Roma, the Lex Vedia Tributaria is hereby enacted to instruct the censors in the matter of the division of the voting citizenry of Nova Roma into their respective tribes.

I. The censors shall apportion individuals among the rural tribes as evenly as possible by the assigning of newly enrolled citizens into those tribes that are numerically deficient.

II. The censors may, if possible, assign members to tribes based on geography, but such considerations shall be secondary to the goal of maintaining equal membership in the tribes.

III. No citizen shall be removed from one tribe to be included in another, save those who are transferred to the urban tribes by their failure to vote in the annual magisterial elections.

IV. Members of the urban tribes who subsequently vote in the annual magisterial elections and therefore have the right to be returned to one of the rural tribes, shall be assigned to such a tribe based on section I of this law, and will not necessarily be returned to their original tribe.

V. Membership in the tribes shall be a matter of public record, and shall be published by the censors annually no later than the last day of November.

Enacted by Dictator Flavius Vedius Germanicus's edictum, a.d. III Kal. Sext. MMDCCLII (30 July 1999),
and duly validated by senatus consultum, pridie Idus MMDCCLII, by 7x1 (12 Aug. 1999)

This Lex was repealed by Lex Vedia de assiduis et capiti censis, a.d. XI Kal. Iun. MMDCCLIV (22 may 2001)

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