Lex Iunia centuriata secunda (Nova Roma)

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Approved by comitia centuriata
Yes: 55 No: 8 Abs.: x
a.d. XI Kal. Ian. L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c.

This law shall modify paragraph II.B. of the Lex Vedia Centuriata by eliminating the line:
"5 Vigintisexviri or apparitores, current"
and inserting the following lines:

"10 Vigintisexviri, current
5 Vigintisexviri, past (each)
5 Apparitores"

Voted by the comitia centuriata, a.d. XI Kal. Ian. MMDCCLII
(22 Dec. 1999).

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