Lex Cornelia de privatis rebus (Nova Roma)

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Voted by the comitia tributa populi, a.d. XVIII Kal. Dec. MMDCCLII
(14 Nov. 1999).

Confidential information will consist of the following:

  • information obtained directly from persons applying for citizenship on the application for citizenship
  • information on the e-mail address list that can be obtained from Onelist
  • subscription lists from the Eagle newsletter

"Directly" in this law means that the citizen or applicant himself voluntarily communicates the information to its recipient; "indirectly" means communication of citizens' confidential information by any other means.

The censores, the magister aranearius, and the Curator Sermonum are to be the only individuals who have access to this information. However, in the event that another magistrate may need some of the information, s/he is either to obtain such information directly from the citizens whose information s/he seeks, or apply to the censores to obtain that information indirectly.

Only magistrates, or their lawfully appointed assistants, of Nova Roma may receive confidential information from the censores, except in the case of a formal request for such information from a law enforcement agent or other non-Nova Roman entity empowered under municipal law. In the event of such an extra-Nova Roma formal request, citizens whose information is sought are to be notified of all circumstances relevant to the request. All other indirect transmission or communication of Nova Roman citizens' confidential information is strictly prohibited.

In the case of a consular application to the censores for confidential information, refusal entitles the applying consul to require full public disclosure from the censores of the reasoning for the refusal, excluding any specific confidential information as defined within this law, of the reasoning for the refusal. Such disclosure is to be posted to the Nova Roma e-mail list and message board within 24 hours of the applying consul's request. In addition to the above, if a magistrate is denied information by the censors, he shall have the recourse of an appeal to the senate, which will have the power to override the censors' denial by a two-thirds majority vote.

This law is hereby enacted to precise the status of confidential private information inside Nova Roma republic

The name of the newsletter, "Eagle," has been changed to "Aquila," and converted into open online form, to 2759 auc. The Onelist mailing list has been replaced by the Yahoo! "main list" group mailing list.

In accordance with the Lex Equitia de Vigintisexviris, the title "curator araneum" has been changed to "magister aranearius." The office of "curator sermonum," {more properly, "curator sermonis"} had been abolished previously; this function is now performed by the praetores.

A. Tullia Scholastica, Latinista, Scriba praetoris et magistri aranei.

The present law has been amended by Lex Vedia de privatis rebus, 24 August 2754 (see the list of Nova Roma laws).

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