Lex Cassia de creatione sodalitatum (Nova Roma)

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Civic life (Nova Roma)


This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by comitia centuriata
Yes: 141 No: 14 Abs.: 4
prid. Non. Dec. Fl. Vedio (II) M. Cassio (II) cos. MMDCCLIV a.u.c.

I. A group or association, cultural, social, historical or political, created by or involving Nova Romans shall be considered officially a part of Nova Roma only by official recognition/approval by the Republic. Any such group that wishes official recognition or status within Nova Roma must make a formal application for inclusion. Until such an application is placed and granted by the Senate or through vote in any one of the Comitia, all such groups are considered completely separate from Nova Roma.

II. The above clause is also binding to all Religious groups, organizations and associations involving Nova Roma Citizens, with the exception that they may only apply to and be approved by the Collegium Pontificum. This is in accord with section IV of the Nova Roma constitution which places all religious associations under the authority of the Collegium Pontificum.

III. Organizations applying for recognition by Nova Roma must present a formal charter and outline of intent before the Senate or to one of the Comitia (or if a religious group to the Collegium Pontificum.) The charter for any group, organization or association applying for recognition within Nova Roma must include:

A. A statement of intent (what the organization is about, and what it is trying to achieve.)

B. An action plan outlining how it intends to achieve its goals.

C. An outline of its internal organization, hierarchy and offices.

IV. A group, organization or association approved for official inclusion into the infrastructure of Nova Roma must adhere to the Constitution and Laws of Nova Roma. An application for official recognition is therefore considered a binding statement of intent to be governed by Nova Roma's laws, constitution and legal government.

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