Legio XIII Comitatensis - Tertiodecimani (Nova Roma)

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The Nova Roman Legio XIII Comitatensis - Tertiodecimani is an allied legionary reenactment unit of Provincia Thracia. The Legio XIV Comitatensis - Quartodecimani reenactment unit was founded by legatus pro praetore A. Vitellius Celsus.


The ceremonial supreme commanders of all legions within Nova Roma are the consules of Nova Roma, and the praetores are the vice-supreme commanders. The provincial ceremonial commander-in-chief of the Legio XIII Comitatensis - Tertiodecimani, is the governor of Thracia, the legatus pro praetore A. Vitellius Celsus.

The governor is here also the actual commander of the Legio XIII Comitatensis, and hold the military rank tribunus styled as magister militum in Late Roman style because that's the period of reenactment the unit does. Legatus pro praetor A. Vitellius exercises command on his own. Missions and operations of the legion are directed by the tribunus and his fellow officers.


Province Level State Generals (political officers of the republic):

Legionary Officers:

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